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How to Sketch: A Beginner’s Guide to Sketching Techniques, Including Step By Step Exercises, Tips and Tricks

HOW TO SKETCH: A Beginner’s Guide to Sketching Techniques

Do you want to start sketching, TODAY? Do you always doodle on every available paper on sight? Did you never get the chance to FINALLY commit to sketching and drawing? If you answered yes, then HOW TO SKETCH is a the book you need! Inside this huge (404 pages) book you will find step-by-step guidance from the moment you draw your first line, and until you are able to observe objects and joyfully sketch them. Liron is a great believer in the “anyone can do it” approach, and this belief resides in every chapter and page of this book. Inside HOW TO SKETCH you will find: – The basic mindset for sketchingSketching techniques (As well as tricks…) – Perspective drawing – Shading and creating depth – Creating beautiful textures – Diverse exercises for you to gain basic experience – the heart of the book – Liron’s super personal approach to teaching art And so much more… Get your copy TODAY and finally learn how to sketch!

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