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K&Company Jubilee Acetate Frames

Create lovely layering with these beautiful cardstock and acetate embellishments. Just place on your layout for the perfect finishing touch.

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3 comments to K&Company Jubilee Acetate Frames

  • scraplady41

    Acetate Frames I didn’t care for these frames. They were scratched and the side of the package was open. Maybe they had fallen out. I tried to use one of them with a card and it did not look nice at all. They were too yellow. They look clear in the picture, but they were not clear at all.

  • Rochelle R. Smith

    Pretty but not easy to use. I usually love KandCompany products so I grabbed these little frames. I have tried to work them into several scrapbook pages but have yet to use one of them. They are small. The embellishments around the edges take up so much room that the picture must be very small to work well. Plus, they don’t stick. I can’t figure out how to use them without having the adhesive show through. Disappointing.

  • dana

    enjoy the frames The accate frames are great. I used one in a card with a pic and then cropped 2 more layers underneathe the frame, turned out awesome. I just wish they came in various sizes so they could be personalized better instead of all the same.

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