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K&Company Jubilee Adhesive Borders

Decorate with Jubilee adhesive borders to add emphasis to each page with these die-cut page borders. Each piece is self-adhesive and 12-Inch length with a total of 18 pieces.

Product Features

  • Die-cut page borders
  • Self-adhesive
  • 18 pieces of 12-inch borders
  • Acid and Lignin-free
  • Lignin free

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2 comments to K&Company Jubilee Adhesive Borders

  • ellen

    They’re OK These are much brighter and shinier than they appear in the picture– reflective and almost glittery, some of them. A little too girly for my taste. Also, The adhesive isn’t very adhesive. These were curling off of practically every texture of paper I tried to adhere them to. I resorted to clear tape on the ends to hold them down.

  • CerebralVision

    EXCELLENT BUY! I purchased 1 pack for my wife. She’s into card making & was completely surprised by the detailed cuts of these images. This picture doesn’t even give the borders justice. Very happy with the quality and amount she received.

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