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Liquid Chalk Markers 8 Pack – Bold, Beautiful Colors From the Artist Platinum Collection – Fun Guaranteed or Your Money Back – Amazing Ink – Boost Your Creativity With These Premium Wet Erase Marker Pens with Chalk as Ink – The Perfect Dustless Marker for Glass, Whiteboard & More – Classic Colors & White – The Reliable 6mm Chalk Pen

Looking For Artist Quality, Bold, Bright Super Colorful Liquid Chalk Markers That Wipe Off Easily and Look Incredible?

These markers helped us figure out this one little secret I discovered that helped skyrocket our family’s creativity and had friends commenting on our kids creativity..

Hi, my name is Louise Fox from Paper and Twine. If you’re looking for chalk markers, I’d like to tell you why I think these are your best choice. I am a proud mother of three and was looking for an easy, effective way to encourage creativity in my family. I stumbled on liquid chalk and worked out some simple fun things to do with the markers that have had friends and teachers asking what we are doing with the kids to have them be so creative.

The Best Chalk Markers I’ve Used.. – Initially, I didn’t like the other chalk markers I’d used. There were too many issues so I spent months of time and thousands of dollars to research everything that would make an amazing marker. I found the best liquid chalk ink, best markers and most premium tips. It was expensive but I was so excited when I finally got a small batch of these markers created for my family and some close friends to test. The results were wonderful. One of my friends suggested these were so good that we should sell them to everyone so here they are. I sourced top, artist quality premium ingredients for these as I wanted the best. Now you get to have it as well. I’m excited and you’re going to love them!

Your 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – I won’t be happy unless you’re happy. It’s easy – try these markers for 60 days and if you don’t like them, return them and I’ll give you a full no-hassles refund.

Limited Time Bonus – Buy a set today and I’ll send you a short guide via email on how we use these markers around our house and how this has inspired the creativity of our family. It’s a simple secret but you’re going to love it.

Product Features

  • 60 Day FUN Guarantee – If you don’t love them and how they work, you are welcome to a full refund. Dustless.
  • Artist quality markers from the P&T Platinum Collection. On special. Buy today and save.
  • Hyper pigmentation ensuring bright, beautiful colors with marker tips that don’t dry out or crack.
  • Premium brand with the best liquid chalk available (read more below).

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