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Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps

Popular illustrator and stamper Geninne Zlatkis has a passion for nature and color that distinguishes her work. These 20 beautiful projects–including cards, an embellished journal and tote, and decorative wall pieces–provide the keys to Geninne’s creative process and image-making process. In addition to technique-specific primers with step-by-step photos of the essentials, Making an Impression includes 50 motifs showcasing Geninne’s signature designs that crafters can copy and use for image transfers, stamp designs, and collages.


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3 comments to Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps

  • Roberta L. Payne

    Best Stamp & Design Book! First off…if you are the least bit interested in making your own stamps, order this book right now! It’s the best book I’ve seen written on stamp making. I’ve followed Geninne’s blog for sometime now and always thought her artwork to be wonderful. I pre-ordered the book as soon as I saw it was available and just received it yesterday. I read the entire book!!! Yes, read each page!!! Geninne’s book has so many tips, motifs and templates that you won’t know where to start first! But she’ll help you with that as well! Just start at the beginning of the book and follow along! That’s exactly what I plan on doing!!

  • Abigail

    Beautiful and Practical – A Terrific Book You’ll Love Making an Impression is a beautiful book and is totally useful as well. The photos are amazing, giving you a glimpse into Geninne’s gorgeous home and studio. The text is very easy to read, not overly technical, but still highly detailed. The book opens flat due to the binding which makes it easier to put on your worktable while you are carving. After a techniques section there are lots of projects showing you ways to use the stamps you carve. The back of the book has templates to trace if you’d like to carve stamps using Geninne’s motifs, or you can carve stamps of your own design.I carved my first stamp last night, using the instructions in this book, and now I’m totally addicted. This is a new craft for me and I’m in love thanks to Geninne’s beautiful book!

  • B. Taroni

    inspiration galore! I just received the book, and am already thrilled with it. I am totally familiar with Gennine’s artwork, but her stamping art is new to me.For anyone who has been thinking about trying stamp carving ,go for it! I have carved some and enjoyed it in the past but now I am certainly going to do more. A really beautiful book, with tons of unique ideas. find her blog on line , and discover a delightful artist who is willing to share her talent and techniques. P.S. the carving process is not hard to do.

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