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Making Book

Trade paperback collection of the author’s non-fiction writing.

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Making Book

Trade paperback collection of the author’s non-fiction writing.

Click Here For More Information

3 comments to Making Book

  • Ruthi

    A modern essayist who makes any topic compelling Her essays on narcolepsy, Mormon excommunication, and copyediting are just some of the truly unique and compulsively readable chapters of this unique book. I recommend it to almost any reader. But particularly if you care about language and the quality of writing, or about science fiction fandom, will you find this book compelling.

  • M. Sherman

    Mostly Amazing Essays I thought most of this book was great. I found “God and I” and “On Copyediting” particularly engaging and great, along with quite a few others. What is amazing, as the other reviewers have said, is how interesting some of the essays are considering the subject material. I would never have thought that an essay on copyediting could make me laugh so much, and yet it has.The reason why I give this only four stars, and not five, is that I found that a few of the essays in the middle, particularly “Over Rough Terrain”, dragged on a bit and were not as engaging as the rest. This made getting through the entire book harder, and I rather wish I had just skipped them now.But by all means, anyone interested enough in this book to be looking at the Amazon reviews of it should definitely read it. Just don’t get discouraged in the middle, the last few essays are great.

  • Anonymous

    A Must-Have This is a unique look at SF fandom, at writing, at thinking, and at what it might be like to live in TNH’s brain for a bit. It’s smart, quirky, and thought-provoking on levels you don’t really appreciate until you suddenly look up, days later, and say, “Oh! OH! Oh my god, that’s so smart!”It’s also one of those rare books I keep buying copies of, because I keep giving it to friends. So you might want to order two or three.

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