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Making Peg Dolls (Crafts and Family Activities)

Step by step instructions for making enchanting peg dolls with children

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2 comments to Making Peg Dolls (Crafts and Family Activities)

  • Fred W Milhorn

    Beautiful Book with gorgeous photography…a MUST for any arts/crafts peeops We love this book! It is gorgeous to look at and the directions are easy to follow. Our 8 year old is a big fan of this imaginative and fun book and is currently working on her bazillionth peg doll creation. We highly recommend!

  • J. E. Hudgins "judyhnm"

    Fun Book This book contains a lot of creative ideas, complete with patterns and instructions. Some of the designs seem to be derivations of designs that I have seen elsewhere, but I think that’s unavoidable with a subject like this. There are also many unique designs and ideas. I am having fun with the book.

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