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Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Reusable Sticker Pad

The reusable stickers in this creative activity book cling securely to the sturdy pages, then peel up easily when kids are ready to make a change. Ten glossy, full-color background pages feature 80 illustrated models to dress in skirts, dresses and every imaginable accessory!

Product Features

  • Extra-large sticker-activity pad
  • Includes 5 colorful backgrounds and 165+ cling-style, repositionable stickers
  • Removable background scenes include slumber party, ballet recital, party, fashion show and wedding
  • Reposition the stickers again and again
  • Promotes fine motor skills and creative play

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3 comments to Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Reusable Sticker Pad

  • Kendra Dixon "lamazegirl"

    Over the top girliness! Pros: Durable reusable stickers. Held up to my four year old attempting to remove them. A variety of stickers that a little girly girl loves. An unbeatable price. Five bucks? Great!Cons: Difficult for four year old to remove stickers herself, although it helps considerably to remove the full surrounding excess “sticker” material. Difficult to flip between scenes and stickers. We ended up pulling all the scenes out to make it easier.My MAIN con and reason for removal of stars, though, is the content. I mean, I’m pretty flexible when it comes to gender-based toys, but REALLY! The “scenes” available are1. pajamas2. ballerina (although some on this page look like lingere nighties)3. “dress up”- princess/fairy/hippie/cowgirl/cat4. BEAUTY PAGEANT.. WHAT!? They even have bathing suits with little sashes across them. Crazy.5. Bridal party.My girly-girl dress-up princess LOVES all the dresses, and it’s easy enough to remove the ones I actually find inappropriate, but I would love to see Melissa and Doug be a bit more progressive and include more gender neutral choices like fireman/doctor/teacher/scientist. There are so many possiblities!

  • Mamie

    Granddaughters loved it. I originally purchased 4 of these for my granddaughters…ages 6,5,3 and 2. I immediately saw that they would be hard for the younger two to use.The stickers are somewhat tricky to remove for tiny hands as they seem to catch at certain points…since they are reusable there is no backing to peel off but they have to be gently taken out of the sheet. Having said that, the 6 and 5 year old girls had a GREAT time with them. Kind of like the old Colorforms but more durable. Very good for the imagination. They were comparing the outfits they created and even drawing pictures of them. Lots of fun for a quiet afternoon…just keep the littler ones away. Melissa and Doug also make one of these with a house motif…sort of like a dollhouse. They loved that as well.

  • M. Batterton "Christian reader"

    Creative play I was looking for something like the Color Forms that were available when my kids were little. These were close. But the pages are large which made them awkward for taking them with us when the kids needed to be quietly entertained. I liked the fact that there were multiple backgrounds. But it did seem strange that the gloves were all made for the left hand. No right-handed gloves were found. The individual items are reusable multiple times and that was good. But getting them off the background meant bending the background. While an adult could do it without bending the background, the kids found that challenging. We used these with children aged 2, 3, and 5. The 5-year-old twins found it most entertaining. The 3 year old was mildly entertained. And the 2 year old stuck with it for only a few minutes.

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