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Melissa & Doug Finger Paint Paper Pad (12″x18″)

It’s easy to contain creativity while finger painting on this generous 18″ x 12″ pad. Premium heavy weight glossy white paper is coated on both sides to be totally non-absorbent.

Dimensions: 0.25″ x 12″ x 18″ Packaged

Recommended Ages: 2+ years

Product Features

  • Top-bound pad of extra large, glossy paper
  • Perfect for finger paints
  • 50 sheets of 12″ x 17″ paper
  • Coated on both sides
  • Non-absorbent, smooth surface

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3 comments to Melissa & Doug Finger Paint Paper Pad (12″x18″)

  • Homeschooling Mom

    Pages are thin, not durable enough for much paint The way I have always done fingerpainting is to pour a little glob of paint in the middle, smear it around and then trace lines, shapes, etc. in the paint. However, as soon as my child started smearing her little glob around, the paper buckled and had so many waves in it, it hindered her painting. If I didn’t mind paper buckling, I wouldn’t have specifically purchased “fingerpaint paper.” It does have a glossy finish (why it has it on both sides is a mystery), so I gave it two stars for that.I am really surprised that some reviewers commented on the strength and durability of this paper. Maybe they used it with a medium other than paint.

  • Kay J

    Buy a Different One I wasn’t very pleased with the quality of this paper.Whether we used hands or paintbrushes, the paper got ridiculously soppy wet and started tearing and ripping when I untaped it from the table. When I put it out to dry in the sun, it was so wet that it stuck to the table after it had dried. I like to keep the pictures, and it just won’t be possible with this kind of paper. True it is double-sided, but I couldn’t use the otherside because of how thin and cheap the paper is. The paint shows through.If it’s just for the experience of fingerpainting, this would have been moderately acceptable. It is not so unusable that I’d throw it out, but when it runs out I will certainly not buy this company’s again.

  • N. Donahue "Soteria"

    Love this Company I bought their easel, easel paper, their paint set, stamp set eraser, everything I have bought fromt his company has been greatly priced and great quality. I was skeptical at first cause of the cheap pricing but I adore their products, very much worth it!! If you plan on going for their easel, yes a 14 month old can use it on its lowest setting.

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