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Mica Powder – 4.4oz / 125g

Description: Natural shimmer pigment from the mineral Muscovite Mica (potassium aluminum silicate). Translucent and colorless (not coated with titanium dioxide or iron oxides). Cosmetic-grade fineness (particle size < 15 microns). Permitted exempt color for cosmetic use. Purity 98%. Grey-white free-flowing powder. Insoluble but miscible in water. CAS# 12001-26-2. INCI Name: Mica. Properties: Filler and texturizer for improved skin feel, increases slip and aids skin adhesion, acts as bulking agent in emulsions, reduces greasiness of oil-containing formulas, can replace talc as filler, anti-caking properties (prevents clumping). Use: Add as is to formulas, typical use levels: 10-40% when used as filler, 3-6% when used to reduce greasiness of oil-containing products. Applications: Loose and pressed makeup powders, color cosmetics (lipsticks, eye cosmetics), creams, lotions.

Product Features

  • Translucent Texturizer from Natural Mica
  • Note: Item is Non-Returnable, Consists of Raw Materials

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1 comment to Mica Powder – 4.4oz / 125g

  • Kimberly Lazarski "Kimberly"

    Not much of a shimmer powder I bought this to add to body lotion, and am disappointed. It’s not much of a shimmer at all, not really noticeable.

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