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Mosaic Techniques & Traditions: Projects & Designs from Around the World

With the breathtaking work of hundreds of artists on display throughout, this visually arresting volume showcases mosaics from all corners of the globe and teaches the skills needed to produce 15 beautiful pieces. The history of the art, tools and materials, and techniques come first: bases, adhesives, and grout; shaping and placing tesserae; practical and artistic design considerations; and several methods of creating the actual mosaic. Put that information to use on an array of magnificent international projectsfrom a Blue Willow Tray to a Rock Garden Fountain—all beautifully illustrated and with the level of difficulty noted.

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3 comments to Mosaic Techniques & Traditions: Projects & Designs from Around the World

  • Catherine Bargar "fiber artist"

    Together at Last – Inspiration and Technical How-To This is absolutely THE book to have on mosaics, whether you are seeking historical/geographical information, artistic inspiration, or technical know-how. I own and use just about all of the mosaic books currently available, but this is the one book on the subject that I would say is essential, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced mosaicist. No skimping on the beautiful and detailed pictures (over 500, all of them luscious), and the author’s friendly, inclusive tone makes it clear that mosaic art can be joyfully and successfully participated in by just about anyone who wants to play.

  • Mosaics By Maria

    A “Must Have” Mosaic Book!! I have over 50 books about mosaics and this is by far my favorite. It covers many different styles and the instructions are clearly written and very easy to follow. Sonia King is known throughout the mosaic community as an expert and this book is a great showcase of her vast knowledge. A MUST HAVE for beginners and veteran mosaicists alike!

  • "moornoee"

    THE BEST! BUY IT NOW! This amazing book has EVERYTHING. Is it a gorgeous coffee table book- or an easy to read, invaluable ‘how to’? It’s both- and so much more. Expert instruction- with proven tips that even the most experienced mosaicists will learn from- and will save beginners untold hours of frustration. The most extensive colllection of contemporary mosaics I’ve ever seen assembled in one place– (many that I’ve never seen published anywhere else)- all beautifully photographed. I dare you not to be inspired! Stop reading now… and buy this book!

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