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My First Sticky Mosaics® Pets

My First Sticky Mosaics bring all the fun and excitement of our mosaics to pre-schoolers. It’s as easy as peel & stick!

  • Contents: 
    • 1000+ sticky foam pieces
    • 5 fun designs
    • 5 plastic hangers
  • Recommended Ages: 3 years & up

Product Features

  • Bigger Sticky Mosaic foam tiles are easier for little ones to handle
  • Decorate-by-number concept helps reinforce number and color recognition skills
  • Includes over 1000 colorful sticky foam pieces, 3 shapes in 7 colors, 5 fun designs and 5 wall hangers
  • Great for play dates and birthday parties
  • The award winning line of Sticky Mosaic craft kits will delight all ages and all skill levels

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3 comments to My First Sticky Mosaics® Pets

  • Christa C

    Fun Activity, Great for Coordination! My three year old got this for her birthday. It doesn’t look like much at first, but she really loves creating the mosaics. Each picture is on thick cardstock with colored squares, triangles, and circles. The kids need to pick the correct color/shape sticker that fits on each spot of the picture. When they are done, it creates a really cool picture for them to hang up. I like that it is artistic and educational at the same time. She’s so proud of herself when its done. I would definitely recommend it.

  • jam "Grandma"

    Great fun for kids. I highly recommend these. I bought these for my 3 year old grandson and he just loved them. They are easy for younger children since they are color and shape coded, so they don’t have to know numbers or letters. When his 3, 4 and 5 year old friends saw them they wanted to do them also. (This kit comes with multiple pictures.) The pieces can be a bit difficult for a younger child to pull off the master sheet but are fairly easy to place onto the picture without assistance. If you are purchasing these for a 3 or 4 year old make sure you get the “MY FIRST” Sticky Mosaics as they contain larger pieces and so are easier for younger children to handle. (There are Sticky Mosaic kits for older kids and they are great also.)

  • Katrina "life long gamer"

    It pleased fickle 9 and 11 year olds I thought this would be a nice low-mess activity to do with my daughter and niece. They enjoyed it, but my daughter did mix up red and orange on the fish because the pastel guide was hard for her to recognize. She tried to take the foam sticker off to fix the color, but it tore unevenly and we deemed it impossible to correct. Since there are no extra foam stickers included, we had to have a few miscolored pieces on another pet. It’s one of the few activities that they liked enough to actually finish.There were a few foam stickers that the girls could not get the paper backing off of, but I was able to do that for them. Picking the little pieces of paper off the floor didn’t take long, so clean up wasn’t that bad at all.I usually prefer more creative projects for the girls, but this would help younger children with things like fine motor skills, recognizing shapes, et cetera. What really matters is that we all enjoyed ourselves and had some quality time together.

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