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Nice Painting photos

A few nice painting images I found:

Painting camouflage on a Tank
Image by National Library of Scotland
The picture is taken from within a muddy yard. There is no particular background and so there is very little context to the picture. The back end of another tank is just visible to the left of the photograph. Three soldiers are standing at the side of a tank. They are wearing caps and uniform shirts but they have overalls and dungarees on instead of the rest of their uniform. They are holding buckets of paint and daubing the side of the tank from the top down. The tank itself dominates the picture although it is more than half covered over with a tarpaulin.

Tanks were first developed during World War I, mainly by Britain and France. Although they were fairly cumbersome and unwieldy at first they soon evolved into a useful weapon to smash through enemy lines.

[Original reads: 'OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN ON THE BRITISH WESTERN FRONT IN FRANCE. Painting camouflage on a Tank.']

Paint – the Jew – on skates.
Image by Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Collection: Painter (Milton McFarland, Sr.) Collection
Call number: PI/1988.0006
System ID: 97399.
Link to the catalog

Paint – the Jew – on skates.

Please see our profile page for information on ordering.

Scanned as tiff in 2008/03/11 by MDAH.

Credit: Courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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