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Origami Fun Kit for Beginners (Dover Fun Kit)

This affordable kit includes everything needed by beginners to master the age-old art of paperfolding.
• 3 great starter books
• 55 fun-to-do projects
• Over 1,000 easy-to-follow illustrations
• 96 sheets of authentic origami paper in traditional vibrant hues, rainbow patterns, and metallic colored foils

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 11.75 in. H x 8.55 in. W x 1.5in. D
  • Weight: 1.7 ounces
  • Made in United States

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3 comments to Origami Fun Kit for Beginners (Dover Fun Kit)

  • Jeremy ""Retro TV Fan""

    Paper folding, Pass it on! I have always liked Origami, and I purchased this set to share that art & hobby with my nieces. I like this set and that it comes with a selection of papers to use for folding the various shapes. This includes regular paper in a rainbow of different colors, regular paper with a sort of “kaleidoscope” pattern in several color combinations, and a few different colors of metallic (foil on one side) paper. There are about four (4) sheets of each paper.There are a couple of things I want to share with anyone looking to purchase this item. First, be sure that you take a look at what books are included in this set. When I ordered this set I also ordered another book called “Easy Origami”. If I had checked I might have seen that this set already includes that book, but I just gave the extra copy to my sister to take home. Also they call this set “Origami for Beginners”, however the other two books “Birds in Origami” and “Favorite Animals in Origami” would actually be more for intermediate paper folders, in my opinion. As I said, I like this set, but that’s just something to be aware of if you plan to purchase this.

  • J. Arena

    Surprisingly easy to learn! This is a super way to get started on origami! EVERYTHING, and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING that you need is right here to get your origami experience going!There are three starter books that are ultra-clear in their explanations, with more than 50 projects. You also get a pretty good-sized assortment of papers in great colors and vibrant patterns. The papers include metallic foils!The instructions and illustrations (there are tons of pictures) will allow you to teach yourself this terrific craft in no time. You’d never believe that you could learn it so quickly!Beginners of every age will love it.

  • D. Avila

    I recommend this product My 8 yrs old daughter likes it a lot. excellent to enjoy with whole family. it has 3 books one of them its very easy to follow, the others are a little bit more difficult. excellent for beginners. over 50 figures!!! the paper is fine

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