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Origami Paper 100 Color Pack 5 7/8inch

100 individual solid colors of origami paper in one pack! Each sheet measures 5 7/8″ square.

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3 comments to Origami Paper 100 Color Pack 5 7/8inch

  • Kath

    Absolutely Perfect It’s cheap, authentic, and easily folded. In the 90s, I spent five years in Japan as a kid and this paper is exactly what we used at school when doing origami. You won’t be disappointed with this.

  • Lauren L

    Origami paper! I was into origami for a little while, and I would cut paper into a square. I finally decided that I should get some real origami paper. I looked for a while and couldn’t find anything at a good price. Then I found this. 100 sheet, 100 different colors! And for this little price. Absolutely awesome.

  • Austin C. Bender

    Origami Paper- good quality This pack has a wide variety of colors and even two metallic sheets! The paper is sturdy but easy to crease and fold. The only down-side with this product is its size. It is great for easy to average difficulty models, but the really difficult models have some really small folds and this paper just isn’t big enough to accomplish those little detailed folds once you get near completion. Maybe if you are really skilled, it can be done. My hands just aren’t dexterous enough and I ended up tearing the paper on a couple tiny folds. Nonetheless, this product is worth the low price and many great colors.

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