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Who’s Here Now?

Paper Dolls (The Dollhouse Books,#2)

A dark Gothic Young Adult Horror. PAPER DOLLS is Book Two of the Dollhouse Books.
Cassie discovers the truth behind the existence of the dollhouse- leading up to a terrifying revelation about herself, one that will challenge every last thread of her sanity. Jessamine journeys through the last weeks of her life in 1920 and begins her descent into madness and the supernatural realm.

In Book One, DOLLHOUSE, four teenagers chance upon a mysterious, crumbling mansion deep in the forest. 
One of them is about to vanish.
One of them is lying about what he or she knows.
None of them will escape the horrifying fate awaiting them in the Dollhouse beneath the old mansion.
Excerpt from PAPER DOLLS, Chapter One:

The last of the tea seeped into the stone floor. I craved its poison. I craved sleep from which I’ll never wake. But I couldn’t have it, anymore. Whether the cup slipped from me or I slipped from it, I couldn’t tell.

Down the empty corridor, only the wind sounded. Every natural breath was spent. As a living
ghost, I wandered.

I unlaced my boots and let them fall to the ground, then unrolled my stockings. I wanted to feel the floor beneath my feet–but I couldn’t feel it at all. My body and mind were numb, merging with the cold stone of the floor and walls.

I found my way into the bed chamber. Four dolls lay in their beds, with waxen faces and still limbs. Four dolls who will never again open their eyes. I climbed into my own bed and pulled the covers over. My arms folded across my chest automatically.

No sleep came. Something restless banged inside my head like a drum. Something that wouldn’t allow me to remain here like this. Something that refused me peace.

BOOK 1: DOLLHOUSE (Dollhouse #1)
BOOK 2: PAPER DOLLS (Dollhouse #2)
BOOK 3: MARIONETTE (Dollhouse #3)
BOOK 4: (Untitled) (Dollhouse #4)

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