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Who’s Here Now?

Photography According To Man

It is hard to understand why new Photography technologies are considered “technology for ‘assholes’” by professional photographers such as photojournalists.  It is just a wonder how they do not learn to appreciate the amount of time and money spent on these new innovations, not to mention the brilliant minds that whirred day and night just to be able to offer these magnificent inventions of convenience and ease to the ordinary photography enthusiast.

The average modern photographer will be justified to advance the argument that even if photographers of the old school assert that the old way of doing it is more artistic and produce more breath-taking pieces of photographs, modern-technology photography can equal if not outdo what the old school photographer is able to do with the use of graphics software such as Photoshop.  Anything and everything is now possible with digital photography and processing.  The old school photographer even uses some of the modern technology processes to come up with better results.  So what’s the point in maintaining a “false” status quo in old school photography?

The artistic photography enthusiast sometimes do not even warm to being “labelled” photographer.  They feel and insist they are not just photographers.  They consider themselves above the lowly title but are artists in their own right using photography as an artistic medium.  So what does the modern photographer have to say about that?  He is noncommittal and just shrugs his shoulders.  He could not even understand what most of the things the artistic photography enthusiast is saying.

There is no actual war between the two camps nor is there even just a hint of a cold war.  But the differences in opinion are there that usually baffle the serious newbie who, to his belief, still has to choose between the two differing cliques.  It is much later that the newbie discovers he does not even need to choose between the two.  He can even start a third school that is a cross between the two schools.  It may even be instrumental in pacifying the “war” as “members” of both can join as “come-and-go members” of his safe middle-ground “school” of photography.

The “war” between the new and old Photography technologies is a clear indicator that man has a very fertile imagination.  He creates wars where there should not be in the same manner that he wants peace where there is no war.  Fickle-minded, won’t you say? 

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