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Prang Oval Pan Watercolor Set, 16 Classic Colors with No. 9 Brush (16000)

Great art starts with great products. Louis Prang developed child-safe art products that uphold the highest standards of quality in materials and color. These standards are maintained today in a comprehensive line of Prang art products for both children and professionals. Ever the gold standard in watercolors, Prang Oval Pan Watercolor Sets offer premium, intense pigments for brilliant color, a unique semi-moist, wax-free formulation and the best tone palette of its kind. The refills easily snap into the sturdy white case which includes a built-in mixing area and include a wood-handled paintbrush. They are AP certified non-toxic and conform to ASTM standards. Be bold, color your world, and discover Prang power.

Product Features

  • Gold standard in watercolor paints
  • Highest quality intense pigments
  • No wax fillers
  • Set includes 16 colors and 1 paint brush
  • Earn free supplies – Visit the Prang Power website for program information

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2 comments to Prang Oval Pan Watercolor Set, 16 Classic Colors with No. 9 Brush (16000)

  • D. Blankenship

    OFTEN TIMES YOUR OLD FRIENDS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS My goodness where to start? Prang watercolors have been around for years and years. I have been around for years and years; not as long as Prang, but long enough. I can remember using them when I first started and that was actually in the late 1940s. Since that time I have progressed beyond smearing colors around a piece of paper until I arrive at a glorious dark mess that sort of runs off the paper but that my mom said was “beautiful” anyway. Well, truth be told, I have not progressed much beyond that, but there never-the-less has been some little improvement and I suspect my mom would still tell me my messes are beautiful; her, if no one else.Anyway, over the years I have used a lot of different paint. Some of the paint has been obscenely expensive…”professional grade” and all that. Some of these paints were very nice; no doubt about it. I still use them often. But I have to tell you that I have never stopped using Prang and continually come back to it. You simply cannot beat the intensity of color and blendability, and you certainly cannot beat the cost for the quality you are getting. As so often happens, the “snob appeal” overrides our logic and good judgment…sometimes cheaper is indeed better; or at least just as good.These paints are absolutely ideal for the beginner (In reference to the particular set being reviewed here). You are given a large enough palate so that the beginning student is not overwhelmed with trying as many different blends as you are with the smaller selections. These paints are ideal to use in a school setting as the clean up is a snap and if the student is half way good, then their painting will look pretty darn fine also. I find with the broader choice and the “pop” the color gives, the incentive to keep going is much greater for younger students.As to older students…due to cost this is an ideal set. If they find out that watercolor is simply not for them, then there is no great loss. When teaching I dislike very much having to share paint (One of my personal hang-ups) and these are ideal for that.One tip though. The brush that they include with this set is horrid and down right useless. Go ahead and spring for some nicer brushes….hey; you save so much on the paint, you should be able to afford it.Also remember, if you are just starting out, or if you are teaching…even the little ones, a good quality paper is a very, very wise investment!Love these paints.Don BlankenshipThe Ozarks

  • Jerod

    Some of the best watercolors around. I am an experienced painter, and I am familiar with many brands. My main watercolor kit includes winsor newton artists watercolors and a set of series 7 brushes. Right next to those expensive supplies sit two prang watercolor sets. I always use prang in my paintings. It’s cheap but it is also some of the best paint I have ever used. This is a must have for anyone doing watercolor.

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