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Recycled Crafts: Making Paper Beads

Imagine the look on someone’s face when they compliment your beautiful costume jewelry necklace and you tell them it is made entirely from old paper and other recycled materials.

Make paper beads:
-For craft projects
-To sell online or in craft or specialty shops
-For school class projects
-For church events like Bible School or Ladies’ Night Out
-As sentimental gift items (using paper from school assignments, graduation programs, old love letters, or used wrapping from birthday or baby shower gifts).

NOTE: This concise booklet explains nine simple steps (with pictures) for creating beautiful paper beads. If you are looking for chapter after chapter discussing different aspects of bead work or jewelry, this guide isn’t for you, but if you want straightforward directions in an easy-to-follow format showing how to make paper beads for beautiful jewelry then this is your book.

~Please note document file size before purchase~About 15 pages.

Thank you for your purchase.

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