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Reeves Acrylic Paint Sets set of 24

Acrylic Art paints provide qualities such as quick drying time and a tough finish that makes them ideal for use on almost any surface such as canvas, wood, paper, fabric, metal, etc. Here is a 24-tube color set made by the Reeves Company, a manufacturer in the U.K. producing quality art materials since 1766. The set incorporates those qualities that make acrylics such a pleasure to use. The colors have a smooth, buttery consistency with good tinting strength and great covering power. They have excellent lightfastness and provide a satin finish. They are, of course, water base but dry quickly and with a tough finish. The colors can be applied over one another to cover mistakes, can be painted on with an impasto effect or thinned down to create watercolor-like qualities. This set makes a great gift, as the range of colors is ample for a wide variety of effects. For hundreds more craft, art and hobby products, including many other art sets, be sure to visit our National Artcraft Storefront. We have the creative component you need.

Product Features

  • Quick drying medium
  • Water cleanup
  • Use thick or thin it down
  • Most popular colors
  • AP safe and certified colors

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2 comments to Reeves Acrylic Paint Sets set of 24

  • Katawampas

    Excellent Color Assortment – Good Value I am not an artist. I bought this set of paints for a craft project – painting on plastic cling film. They worked great for that purpose. The paint is thick enough that it covered the black outlines in one coat and dried quickly. I also like the selection of colors in this set; more than enough options. The size of the tubes is also good (.4 fluid oz.). I don’t intend to do a lot of painting but there is plenty here for more projects. I have used Liquitex acrylic paints in the past & these are comparable (in my non-professional artist opinion).Acrylic paints clean up in soap & water.Reeves is a British company but these paints are made in China.

  • Lizzy

    Amazing for Nail Art Hey all.. I’m doing this review because I feel someone out there might be checking this product out because they want to use it for nail art.When I was about to order this, I wished someone had said whether or not they used it for nail art, but I didn’t see anyone mention it. I took a leap of faith, and ordered it anyway.Well, I’ve used a lot of the colors, and can I just say… This is amazing for nail art! If you’re into doing your own nails like me, and love nail arts, well this acrylic paints are way better than using Nail polish to do art/designs on your nails.I say go for it, and you’ll come back to thank me. You can either choose to dilute the colors with water, or use it just as it is.. either way, you get bold designs.This is such a great product at a bargain price. I am very very happy with this. I assume it’ll be good if you’re a painter too.. but this review is mainly for those who are considering using these for nail art/designs. :-)

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