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RoseArt Chalk Factory Sidewalk Chalk, Frosty Favorites, 4 Assorted Pieces, Green/Red/Yellow/White (48715)

Children can let their creativity and fun extend safely to the outdoors with RoseArt Chalk Factory Sidewalk Chalk! Sidewalk Chalk is brightly colored school-grade chalk that can be used inside on a chalkboard or cardboard and outside on sidewalks or playgrounds. Perfect to add a multi-colored touch to any hopscotch or other fun sidewalk game. There are 4 Frosty Favorites ice cream-shaped chalk pieces per pack. For children ages 6 and up! (48715UA-8)

Product Features

  • Four assorted color pieces of sidewalk chalk
  • Large ice cream-shaped pieces
  • For drawing only, please do not eat
  • Certified non-toxic
  • For ages 6 and up

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