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Who’s Here Now?

RoseArt Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint, 3 Colors, 2 Foam Brushes, 46992

Always looking for cool new ways to express your creativity? Then look no further! Check out the amazingly fun way to take your imagination outdoors-with Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint by RoseArt. Just add water to the powder, stir it up, then paint your heart out! Create really big sidewalk art! Leave fun messages for your friends and family, paint bright flowers, or create your next masterpiece! Now every sidewalk is your canvas-so let your imagination run wild! For ages 3 and up. Non-toxic. Washes away with plain water.

Product Features

  • Just add water to the paint powder, stir and paint
  • 3 fun colors, Red, Blue, Yellow-use them individually or even mix them together for a whole new color!
  • 2 foam brushes-your magic wand to paint your masterpieces
  • A stir stick to easily mix water with the powder and create the paint!
  • Plus 2 amazing rollers-to quickly paint large spaces, and also to add some great designs to your paintings

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