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Sculpt Pro 11 Piece Pottery and Sculpting Art Tool Set

The Sculpt Pro 11 Piece Art Kit is the all-in-one pottery kit – just add sculpting material. Sculpt Pro has all the tools you need to shape and mold a finished design in no time. Each piece is double sided and comes with an easy to grip handle.

Everything needed to create your next masterpiece is in this kit, including:

1 Fettling Knife

2 Loop and Ribbon Tools

3 Brushes

7 Potter’s Needles

8 Modeling Tools

Put creativity in your hands with the Sculpt Pro 11 Piece Art Kit.

Product Features

  • Creativity in Your Hands
  • Perfect for Carving, Sculpture, and Jewelry Making
  • 11 Double Sided Pieces with 21 Different Tools

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2 comments to Sculpt Pro 11 Piece Pottery and Sculpting Art Tool Set

  • K. Rowley

    Good set of tools to start with.. Pretty decent set of tools for the money. You get eleven tools, ten have wooden handles with tips on both ends. The eleventh is a metal handled wire brush tool. The variety of tip shapes is adequate for most sculpting work – although IMO a few of the tips are a bit too large if you’re doing small items.From the packaging: 11 Double Sided Peices Featuring 21 Different tools; 2- Loop & Ribbon Tools, 3 – Brushes, 1 – Fettling Knife, 8 – Modeling Tools, and 7 – Potter’s Needles

  • Anonymous

    i went to a local art supply store and they wanted 17.00 for the exact same thing…way too much for a few sculpting tools and they were worse quality as well.these were perfect and a good price.

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