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Spectra ArtKraft Duo-Finish 67004 Spectra Artkraft Duo-Finish Heavyweight Paper, 48″ x 200-ft. roll, White

Heavyweight Duo-Finish® Kraft paper. The smooth surface side is ideal for felt pens, finger painting and fine line drawing; the textured side accepts chalk, watercolor, tempera and acrylic paints.

Product Features

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3 comments to Spectra ArtKraft Duo-Finish 67004 Spectra Artkraft Duo-Finish Heavyweight Paper, 48″ x 200-ft. roll, White

  • E. Hansen "Coffee Monkey's Father"

    Both sides are not equal This is listed as having a smooth side and a rough side. It does, but they are of differing quality.The rough side, is about the texture of typical construction paper, and is very even in appearance.The smooth side, is a polished surface, but the appearance is not even. There are streaks through it. If you’ve ever seen a concrete wall which was poured with wood planks as supports, and leaves the grain in the concrete; it looks like that but smooth. It’s like black-on-black wood grain.-If you need a matte finish for background, the “rough” side is great. (it’s not very rough)-If you want semi-gloss, the smooth side is a bit uneven, unless you’re covering it up with loads of other items.-It’s listed as heavyweight. It’s about the thickness of typical inkjet paper, not butcher or packing paper.-It’s not flimsy/fall-apart like construction paper, so it holds up reasonably well to folding. Tears nice along a fold, both directions.For chalk, consider some chalkboard spraypaint instead.4/5 because of the smooth side.

  • Katie Kate "Kate"

    Pleased. This is cheap entertainment. I use it to cover our 48″ round table for coloring. My 2 year old loves to color the whole table. If I use both sides of the paper, it’d cost about 25 cents a time, and it entertains her for at least a couple hours. Can’t beat that with a stick! The paper is nice and thick and I’m sure I’ll use it for other things such as wrapping paper. Shipping was fast too.

  • Bob Denhaan

    Total crap paper… These guys must have laughed hysterically when they decided to call this paper Heavyweight… or even White for that matter, and just for fun, made up the word Duo-Finish.First off, the paper itself was wavy and completely uneven, almost like it had been exposed to moisture or humidity. It was not smooth at all, is an icky, off white color, and both sides were equally crappy. It’s as thin as cut-rate copy machine paper. Unlike the photo, it does not come on any kind of core, and the center is wound so tight you can’t slide it onto any kind of rod to use as ‘roll’ paper unless you spend a half hour to hand loosen it. Even if you bother, it will end up sagging on whatever hanger rod you put it on instead of sit in a clean roll, making it very awkward to use.You can completely forget trying to use it as cheapo photography background paper, and is so crappy looking, will show in anything but the most blurred backgrounds. I can’t imagine it’s much good for anything EXCEPT letting a child scribble with crayons on it. It’s basically going to end up as wadding for shipping/package filler.Seriously, pass this junk right on by and purchase a decent brand…It’s pathetic.;¬(..

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