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Strathmore 310 Canvas Paper Pad 9 x 12

If you have a printer with waterproof ink, such as an Epson that uses Durabrite inks, you can easily trim a sheet of this canvas down to 8 1/2 inches wide and print your sketch on it.

I do that a lot with watercolor paper pads for small watercolor paintings or illustrations. With canvas paper you can do the same thing as a shortcut for acrylic paintings.

You can just scan a pencil sketch or pen-and-ink sketch out of your sketch book and print it on a piece of canvas paper. Or you can scan the sketch, remove or edit some of the lines on the computer, perhaps change black lines to gray. 

Then you can experiment with paints, using the same sketch for comparison purposes. Or, if you are like me, you can use the same sketch to start over on a new painting if you mess up or just want to try something completely different without starting over with a new drawing.

Note: When printing, besides adjusting the printer settings for thicker paper, you do sometimes have to stand by the printer and give the paper a little push to get it started.

This is a heavyweight paper with a coated, textured surface that replicates the surface of canvas. It’s ideal for practicing techniques with oils, caseins, acrylics, alkyds, or egg tempera. Glue bound pads have flip over covers that make it easy to work in the pad. Pads contain 10 sheets each.

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1 comment to Strathmore 310 Canvas Paper Pad 9 x 12

  • value shopper

    Good value Purchased this as a gift for the “artist” in the family. It appears to be as described, but I cannot judge the quality as compared to other brands. Only she can tell after using it, if it was what she wanted.

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