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SunWorks Construction Paper Smart-Stack Asst, 9 inches x12 inches, 11 Colors, 300 Sheets (6525)

SunWorks Heavyweight construction paper in mega count packs that contains extra sheets of the most frequently used popular colors. Assortments contain: White, Scarlet, Holiday Green, Yellow, Blue, Yellow-Orange, Black, Brown, Pink, Sky Blue and Violet. Recyclable

Product Features

  • Heavyweight construction paper.
  • Contains extra sheets of the most popular colors.
  • Paper Weight: 58 lbs is the basis weight of the paper not the weight of the item.

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2 comments to SunWorks Construction Paper Smart-Stack Asst, 9 inches x12 inches, 11 Colors, 300 Sheets (6525)

  • Shooting Star

    The Skinny On SunWorks Construction Paper 300 Sheets, Assorted Colors I am hoping to answer some questions for potential buyers that I had prior to purchasing this construction paper:*There are 10 colors in this assortment (number of sheets of each color is in parentheses): purple(15), brown(15), orange(25), blue(30), red(40), green(40), yellow(30), black(25), pink(15), light blue(15).*There are an additional 50 sheets of white paper (kind-of a creamy white).*The weight is substantial for construction paper; heavier than copy paper but lighter weight and not as stiff as card stock.*The colors are bold and vibrant. The black is really black, not dark grey.*The paper is color-fast, it does not bleed when wet.*It folds and cuts very well.*The surface texture is very nice. I bought this mostly for coloring with my 16 month old daughter and wanted paper with enough texture that crayons would leave a nice, satisfying mark even under light pressure as she learns how to hold and bare down with a crayon properly. This paper is perfect for that.*Great for markers; no bleeding, just nice crisp lines. Also, as an experiment, I held a marker in one spot to see how long it took to soak through to the other side-3 seconds. That means less marker transfer to floors, tables and other household surfaces.*The paper is environmentally friendly: it is source certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and is recyclable.*Made in the USA.*At the time of purchase, the price was the same for 300 assorted sheets as for 100 sheets of a single color.Overall, I think this was a great deal for the quantity and quality. I know we will have lots of fun coloring, cutting, pasting and doing all of the other great things kids love to do with construction paper! I will definitely buy another ream when we finish this one.

  • B. Pomeranz "Mamalissa"

    Fabulous Value!!! Awesome, HEAVY WEIGHT Paper. This is the ‘good stuff’. Heavy, REAL construction paper, in a double-ream size at an excellent value. This is the stuff you want for projects and the like. Not the ‘every day’ construction paper for drawing, etc… this is the stuff teachers use that is oh-so-hard to find these days. HUGE package, HUGE!!! Excellent colors, including white. Others have said there is too much white in the package, but I find white is always lacking in most construction packs. There is also PURPLE, which many companies exclude. All in all, and excellent value and my kids and I are very pleased!

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