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The Art of Rubber Stamping

“This internationally acclaimed teacher and artist has earned a well-deserved reputation for innovation and creativity….Now she’s poured her creativity into…an outstanding gallery of her art and techniques….Careful and straightforward instructions…accompany each example…. Several chapters on thick embossing enamel…are standouts…. Whatever your current level of expertise, you’ll undoubtedly be inspired to greater creativity.”—RubberStampMadness.

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2 comments to The Art of Rubber Stamping

  • Lea A Spickler

    The Art of Rubber Stamping A virtual feast for the eyes! Beautiful color photos of wonderful, inspiring samples abound within the pages of this book. Suze provides you with the basics of a technique rather than boring you with a step by step instructions on how to replicate her samples. I like that format because it allows her to provide you with information about many more techniques rather than wasting a lot of space with tedious instructions on how to make a specific card or project. Definitely a techniques book as opposed to a project type of book. This book was well worth the money. Two thumbs up! 3D-Lea

  • Gwyneth Calvetti

    Technique AND eye candy in one volume Most rubber stamping books I’ve seen are one of two types; lots of beautiful samples, but little content to be of help to an inexperienced stamper, or good content instructionally with little to inspire. This book has ample amounts of both.

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