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The Complete Photo Guide to Textile Art: *All You Need to Know to Alter and Embellish Fabric *The Essential Reference for Novice and Expert Fabric … Instructions for More Than 40 Techniques

Individuality is key in today’s DIY trends. Whether creating fabric art, sewing clothes, making home décor items, or quilting, people are looking for ways to make their projects unique and self-expressive. Fabric choices have narrowed and it certainly is not cheaper to sew than buy ready to use items, so when someone wants to use fabric to make something, their reasons are very often for the pure creative enjoyment of the craft. This is their comprehensive, how-to reference book illustrating all aspects of fabric art and manipulation. Artist galleries are included for inspiration.

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  • 9781589235052
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  • Quayside Publishing

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3 comments to The Complete Photo Guide to Textile Art: *All You Need to Know to Alter and Embellish Fabric *The Essential Reference for Novice and Expert Fabric … Instructions for More Than 40 Techniques

  • Andrea L. Anastos

    The How-To Encyclopedia Whether you are just starting on your journey with fabric art or are an experienced fabric artist seeking inspiration, this book is indispensable. Susan Stein has given us the perfect reference text for people who thrive on variety.The book is divided into three sections: a brief introduction to color and fabric options, surface techniques, and texture (stitching, felting, weaving).Each technique is lavishly illustrated and instructions are crystal clear. Necessary tools and materials are identified by brand — much more useful than the often vague references to “fabric paint” or “foil.” In addition, almost every technique is shown plain and simple, as well as in unusual ways. In fact, there is often a picture or project that suggests ways to use two or more techniques together.Every few pages, there is a brief tip dealing with safety, experimenting, tools, or a suggestion to “try this.” All of them make life simpler or more interesting.Within hours of opening the book, I had made my first 9″ square of chenille. And it found its way immediately into a small quilted panel, just exactly what I needed to add the correct texture to the piece. A few days later, I was reminded that fusible web could be painted — a technique that gives a unique look to a fabric collage.So: as the publisher says on the cover, this is indeed “the essential reference for novice and expert.”

  • Panagopoulou Aleka

    A very useful book I love all books by Susan Stein and find this one unique.Very simple,covers over 40 techniques with clear instructions and photos. I highly recommend it to all textile artists who would like to give a different look to their fabric.

  • Green Ivy

    Encyclopedia for techniques The best thing about this book (to me) is that it doesn’t just show you one technique for using a certain thing (say..foiling or Angelina or paint sticks….it gives you several) Like mini chapters. So when learning or showing a technique you can have more fun. It does not limit you but gives you choices and ideas to use up all the supplies and materials we all seem to eventually have tons of. Nice intro to color theory and fabric selection. Not that I’ve ever understood color theory, but the page on fabric!Photos are wonderful. Great reference book to have for altering and making your fabric into something more.

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