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The Joseph Cornell Box: Found Objects, Magical Worlds

Working with found objects, pages from old books, and dime-store trinkets, self-taught artist Joseph Cornell (1903–1972) transformed everyday materials into extraordinary universes. By collecting and carefully juxtaposing his treasures in small, glass-front boxes, this pioneering artist invented visual poems exploring themes as varied as the night sky, the romantic ballet, glamorous movie stars, and bird habitats. A lavishly illustrated and collaged book presents Cornell’s life and art, his sources of inspiration, and artistic process, along with six project ideas. Housed in a sturdy keepsake box with a see-through front window and removable grid, the package also includes materials to jump-start the creative process—printed sheets for collage, a metal ring, antique tags, and a magnifier.

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2 comments to The Joseph Cornell Box: Found Objects, Magical Worlds

  • Brian Kirk

    Great Introduction to the Artist I wouldn’t recommend this book necessarily to serious artists, but for a person beginning their first tentative steps toward collage and assemblage, this kit would be a good introduction. It includes a full-color book with lots of images and descriptions of Cornell’s works and life. The kit itself provides materials for taking a first step toward creating found art. This would be particularly good for a young person as a way to introduce them to Cornell.

  • A. Gwynn "gwynnj"

    Looks better online Interesting example of artists work but carboard box is flimsy and not as authentic as I expected. Looked better online.

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