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Who’s Here Now?

The Making of the President, 1960

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3 comments to The Making of the President, 1960

  • Murray Dickman

    not much has changed I was in the ninth grade during the 1960 Pres Election and over the last fifty years have watched and read countless accounts of that campaign having spent most of my life in and around politics and public policy including at the RNC during the 1970s and administrations of Presidents Reagan and the first Pres Bush. Naturally I read all of the Theodore White books–The Making of the Presidents from 1960 through 1972.Most of this documentary recounted much of what is generally known about that campaign–the importance of the West Virginia primary for JFK, his speech to the Dallas clergy about his being Catholic, RN having to go to Alaska the last Sunday pre=election to keep his promise to visit all 50 states and the importance of the first Debate that essentially put JFK on equal footing with his opponent—sound familiar?But what I learned : despite the now-commonly held view that Pres Eisenhower was luke-warm towards RN, it simply isn’t true. The Pres gave countless speeches/press conferences for RN including on Election Night when the polls in the West-esp California were still open!Secondly, snippets of JFK and RN campaign speeches were shown–and I was amazed that they sounded remarkably similar in content AND tone to the campaign speeches between Pres Obama and Gov Romney–nasty, condescending and designed to fire up the partisan crowds. The only difference between now and then was that because of the overwhelming presence of mass media today, EVERYBODY saw these in 2012 all the time, while in 1960 only those at the actual campaign events–and local TV–saw them. Thats the big difference. Therefore I will need to be convinced of how the 24 hour media –all the media, not just the partisans of Fox and MSNBC–has made us “better off” It is not surprising that our society thinks so poorly of our leaders—they are the same, but its the amplification and echo chamber that makes them appear worse.A four star.

  • Mike

    As good as in High School I saw The Making Of The President 1960, in the Eight Grade Social Studies Class in the early 1970′s The Film still is the Gold Standard of Documentary making in my eyes!!

  • Anonymous

    Unique perspective and presented from an insiders’-type view. It’s a newsy delivery from the day that provides being there, as the series was done so soon after the events.

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