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The Ultimate Guide To Colored Pencil: Over 35 step-by-step demonstrations for both traditional and watercolor pencils

With this easy-to-use handbook, best-selling author Gary Greene provides you with instant access to his best tips, tricks and techniques for creating exceptionally realistic colored pencil artwork. Whether you’re new to colored pencils or perfecting advanced techniques, you’ll find the answers you need here in dozens of complete step-by-step demonstrations, including:

  • Simple techniques for achieving amazingly realistic compositions, including layering, burnishing and underpainting
  • Proven methods for working successfully with water-soluble colored pencils
  • A full range of inspiring subject matter, from flowers and animals to landscapes and still-life compositions
  • Tips for solving common problems, fixing mistakes and taking sharp, clear reference photos
  • Expert guidance in choosing the right materials and colors, including complete color charts from all the major manufacturers

It’s all here in the The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil—the solutions and secrets you need for your own colored pencil success!

Product Features

  • New
  • Mint Condition
  • Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon
  • Guaranteed packaging
  • No quibbles returns

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3 comments to The Ultimate Guide To Colored Pencil: Over 35 step-by-step demonstrations for both traditional and watercolor pencils

  • texas99

    Good content, but disappointingly small book This book was exactly what i was looking for – a whole bunch of pencil demonstrations by a good artist.But when it arrived I was disappointed.The problem?Its SMALL.The internal pages are only 6″ x 9″ – that’s just a little larger than a DVD case!And on average there are 3 demonstration drawing steps per page.This means that on average each drawing is only about the size of a deck of cards.Not all demonstration drawings are this small, but the majority are.Pencil work is mostly about learning strokes. In some of the drawings the hundreds of very thin strokes are so small you cant even see how they are applied! This is not always the case, cause some drawings are closeups. But it happens enough to be frustrating.The worst case is a demonstration called Flower Pots. There are 3 vases, two are blue and white mottled china glaze. The text only says “Using small circular strokes layer the two pots with random areas of (lists colors).” And the drawing is so small you cant even see how the strokes are being applied! You just see a blue and white mottled vase.On the positive side there are a good number of steps for each demonstration – maybe an average of 10. The demonstrations have a good subject variety and methods coverage. Although none of them are Wow! quality (like the glass marbles on the cover of another pencil book. They are more learning exercise quality, which is appropriate for this kind of book. And the book has lay-flat ring bindings. It also comes with a 55 minute demonstration DVD video which is nice. The first third of the book has your standard decent stuff on general pencil techniques and materials. But I bought this for the demonstrations section – and that is where the problem lies.So in summary, its not the content i have a problem with. Its how the publisher(not the author who has my sympathies) decided to reduce the value of that content by presenting it in a non-suitable format. In these days of cheap Chinese printing there is no excuse for the publisher making this book this small.I would give the content 4 stars if in a bigger book.

  • Amarrna Sunreaver

    A good guide though not perfect I had the book on pre-order so I was pleasantly surprised to get it early. Like another reviewer, I was also disappointed in the size and it does make the book less user-friendly. I do like the spiral binding but it really needed to be a bigger book like other colored pencil guides. It does have a few suggestions and demonstrations that are worth squinting to see. I like that it has a bit of info on oil-based colored pencils though most colored pencil guides are still lagging way behind in that area. It also has a workshop on dvd that you can get a preview of by going to the Artists Network workshop site. It would have been fantastic at a proper size for cp, though, truly!

  • Writerly Artist "Patricia"

    Another Great CP Book From Gary Greene! I love this book. The first half of the book has the requisite supplies list and basic techniques. The book comes alive in the second half. Fantastic step by steps, and a CD has been added for a beautiful rose project. I am very happy with this book. It’s great for beginners thru experienced CP Artits.

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