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The Weekend Crafter: Rubber Stamp Carving: Techniques, Designs & Projects

“Thoroughly enjoyable….Encompasses carving essentials, tools, techniques, designs and projectsmore than 20—all brought to life with colorful, close-up photographs….A comprehensive, full-featured resource on the art of carving rubber stamps…destined to be a cornerstone in many a stamper’s library.”—RubberStampMadness.

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3 comments to The Weekend Crafter: Rubber Stamp Carving: Techniques, Designs & Projects

  • Gregory Lippincott

    Five stars from this professional stamp carver! I’ve been a stamp carver and art teacher for many years. This book is the best instruction guide for learning to carve that I have ever seen. The author has described all aspects of carving soft blocks for printmaking. Her step by step carving instructions are beautifully illustrated with good, clear photographs. This is a guide that can be followed by an absolute novice carver AND is very useful to the intermediate or advanced carver. As carving teacher that has given workshops all over the country, I found many of her carving tips useful. If I ever write a “how to” book, I hope it would be as helpful as this one. This book answers and illustrates with excellent photographs all of the FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) that have come up in the carving workshops that I have taught. I own or at least have read nearly every stamp carving pamphlet and block printing “how to” book on the market. This book is the best I’ve ever seen. Sure wish I had written it!!

  • ArtWay

    Love it! This book started me on yet another new craft obsession – carving my own stamps has turned out to be so much easier than I thought it would be!

  • Susan W. Swartz "beadmomsw"

    You’ll be carving rubber stamps in no time! Luann Udell has done a wonderful job of explaining the art of eraser stamp carving. She reviews materials and tools, explains how to select and transfer designs, describes the carving process in detail, and gives many examples of useful carving projects. The book is filled with clear photos, concise instructions and helpful hints. A perfect guide for the beginner stamp carver, the book also has more advanced information and tips to offer those who already know how to carve.

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