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Using Your Watercolor Materials

Learning how to use watercolor materials effectively can help you get the most out of watercolor painting.  Many people try this art medium because it is relatively easier to master than working with other paint media.  Watercolor paints dry very fast, which allows you to travel with your supplies and capture any scene in a short amount of time.  Watercolor painting can be a very relaxing hobby, especially if you learn a few useful techniques.

Before you begin your painting, you should spend some time planning how you will execute it.  Unlike working with acrylic or oil paints, watercolor paints are used from light to dark.  Think about where you would like to have the lightest shades and where you will place the darker ones. Planning your piece doesn’t take long and will prevent you from making frustrating mistakes.

Different watercolor materials such as paper and brushes also have different effects depending.  The whiteness of the paper you use will be visible through the paint, so it’s important to consider how bright you want your painting to be. The brighter the paper, the more brilliant your paint will look.  This is great for dramatic pieces, but not if you want to paint a relaxing landscape.

If you are a beginner try larger brushes.  You might be tempted to paint with a small brush on a small sheet of paper when you are just starting out.  However, having a larger work area can help you develop better skills.  You will have more freedom to experiment and you can analyze your work as you go about it.  It’s much easier to learn using large brushes and big sheets of paper.  Once you are comfortable with using the brush to achieve the effect you want, you can easily work on paintings of all different sizes.

Try gripping your brush in different places.  The way you hold your brush and the pressure you apply to paper can produce very different results.  This way you can learn how to perfect your strokes to achieve the desired effect.  You can take a blank sheet of paper and use it to practice, so that you know how to use your brush correctly when you are painting.

Experiment with using your watercolor materials in different ways.  The most important thing in mastering watercolor painting is learning how your supplies and watercolor paints respond to different techniques.  For example, various colors respond differently to water.  Some colors can be very difficult to lighten while others begin to lighten as soon as they come into contact with water.  The size of the brush as well as how you hold it also makes a big difference in your work.  If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended that you practice as much as you can, so you can learn what techniques work best for you.

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