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Watercolor Paint Set

A watercolor paint set is the ideal introduction to art that many people use, and enjoy using for a long time. Many people enjoy painting, and to fully appreciate what they are achieving they will need an understanding of the paints being used.  Understanding the tools that will be used is essential and this includes the watercolor set.  Knowing the perfect paints to purchase is very important, as this can make all the difference when the painting begins.

The majority of watercolors are made up from pure color pigment, which is mixed with Gum Arabic. This substance helps to keep the watercolor paint set in prime condition no matter how long it is left for. If the paints are left for any amount of time the Gum Arabic begins to separate, and form a clear sticky liquid. This is normal and the paint can be simply mixed with this liquid to re-bond, and make the watercolor set useable again. The Gum Arabic also contains a substance very similar to glue, enabling the paint to stick to the paper.

Although it is most commonly found already mixed with the watercolor paint set it can also be bought separately. Gum Arabic is ideal when the artist wants to delay the drying time, and simply adds a few more drops to the watercolor set. This is not advised to do unless the artist is experienced as adding too much can be disastrous.  Deciding on the style of watercolor paint set to purchase is entirely up to personal choice. Some people prefer tubes of watercolor paint, and other people prefer trays. There is no right choice, simply what is preferred, and can be afforded.

The tray style of watercolor paint set is easier to transport, and often better for beginners to use. However, this style can damage brushes far quicker, and the colors are not as vibrant as tube paints.  The tube paints, however, can split causing a huge mess, and often beginners have a tendency to squeeze far too much out of the tube.  It is advised to begin with a tray watercolor set and progress onto tubes when the artist‘s confidence grows. 

The colors of a watercolor paint set vary greatly, and the difference in color is very apparent. This is due to them being made from natural pigments, which are not processed like other styles of paint.  Often the manufactures will have different colors, so do not rely that just because it says blue that they will be the same blue. Buying from the same supplier and the same manufacturer is the only way to ensure that the watercolor paint set is similar.

Quality is always very important, and spending as much as possible on the watercolor paint set is essential. This way there is more chance of top quality paints being bought and used helping to create amazing pieces of art.  Although a cheaper watercolor set may be ok in the beginning, if better pictures and artwork is wanted, more expensive paints will be needed.  Once the artist has  a greater knowledge they will be able to create masterpieces for everyone to enjoy.

Welcome to Light Breeze Arts, inside you will discover an amazing selection of low priced and excellent quality watercolor paint set.
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