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Where to Find Multicolor Pencils and Crayons

By Kathleen Gresham

A year or so ago I wrote about Koh-i-Noor Magic FX pencils. The lead is a checkerboard pattern of three colors. The pencils come in several color combinations. They are great for making textured backgrounds on paper.

Since then I have found several other multicolor pencils that you may also want to look for. 

Magic FX Multicolor Pencils

At the time I first wrote about them, Magic FX pencils were pretty easy to find in hobby and craft stores, discount stores, even in drugstores. Last autumn, however, LaQuita wrote in a comment that she could not find them locally and asked if they can be purchased on line.

The short answer is Yes, they can be ordered on line. One place to find them is Texas Art Supply. The trick is to finding them on the web site. So here is a direct link to Magic FX pencils on the Texas Art Supply website. 

Quattro by Cretacolor Junior 

Since then I have found another interesting pencil that does the same thing, the Quattro by Cretacolor Junior, made in Austria. This you would most likely only find at art supply stores. Texas Art Supply sells it, too.

The Quattro has a four-color lead, with red, blue, yellow and green arranged like the wedges of a pie chart. In the picture below, the Cretacolor Junior Quattro pencil is at the top, and a Koh-i-Noor Magic FX pencil is below it.  As you can see, the Quattro is a little slimmer than the Magic FX.


Rainbow Swirl Pencils by RoseArt

A few months ago I found similar pencils at a Target store (a discount chain in the U.S.). In these the colors are arranged in random swirls instead of a checkerboard pattern, but they should do about the same thing.

They are called Rainbow Swirl pencils. They are made by Rose Art, which is a good-quality cheap brand that is sold by several discount stores in the United States.

True to Life Pencils and Twist-Up Crayons by Crayola

At Target I also found two brand new products by Crayola: True to Life pencils, and True to Life twist-up crayons.


So far, I have only seen these at Target, but Crayola does sell their products at their web site,, so you should be able to order them there.

If you find any of these or similar pencils, especially if you are outside the U.S.A., please leave a comment, letting everyone else know where to buy them. IMPORTANT: Put no more than one link to a web site in each comment. Otherwise, my SPAm filter may delete the comment before I ever see it. But feel free to leave a comment for each source that you find. Thanks!

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