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Wire Bugs: How to Make Your Own Menagerie

  • Step-by-step, illustrated instructions for twenty-two projects
  • Projects transform found objects into whimsical, decorative insects
  • Basic patterns can be modified to incorporate any object to make your own original designs

    Learn to look at a junk drawer and see the makings of a collection of unique creatures. Using bottle caps, acorns, old spoons, plastic bags, and other found objects, readers can create a variety of projects. Designs in the book include dragonflies, ants, scarab beetles, praying mantises, bedbugs, stag beetles, and sixteen other whimsical insects for quirky home décor and one-of-a-kind gifts.

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    3 comments to Wire Bugs: How to Make Your Own Menagerie

    • Neil Sorenson

      Great resource for some creative bug-making Although working with wire is a bit daunting and frustrating at first, taking care to follow the guidelines and suggestions in this book will quickly get you over the skill barrier. After a few attempts, I was making sophisticated critters loosely based on the book’s examples.The book isn’t strictly a follow-by-numbers guide as much of the art of creating these things lies in working with whatever materials you happen to have laying around (shells, beads, wooden bits, etc.). Some people might find it disappointing that they can’t absolutely recreate the precise project they see in the book but each project has enough variability to allow for substitutions and experimentation.

    • Sheri Loftin

      great book If you want to make wire bugs this is a perfect book. Each section is a step by step guide on building various bugs from wire and other ‘junk’ you may find lying around. So far the Ant is my favorite.

    • Humita "crazy faerie"

      Fun!!!!! Very nice book! Easy to follow directions! I love the pictures and the price was right! I invited some little and no so little friends to come over and make bugs with me, and everybody had a great and “funny” bug results!

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