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Wire in Design: Modern Wire Art & Mixed Media (Jewelry Crafts)

Wire is hot. The craft has held fascination for many years, but has only come into the limelight as of late. Now anyone with an interest in wire‘s rich past or the desire to explore this creative medium will find everything they need in this comprehensive volume. Besides giving an overview of how artists have used wire effectively in their art, author and designer Barbara McGuire will teach readers the basics of handling wire and about its unique properties. Features: 20 projects, including jewellery, functional accessories, and sculptures; Complete guide to wire techniques and applications; Showcases the work of talented artists from yesterday and today.

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3 comments to Wire in Design: Modern Wire Art & Mixed Media (Jewelry Crafts)

  • Suzanne Metaxas "Beads and Baubles NY"

    Excellent Book Easy to understand, great photography, nice projects and you don’t need to be a really talented artist to follow the directions and end up with a piece of art that you’ll be proud of.

  • Lulu Magooloo

    Must have for your wire library This book is a wonderful look into the world of wire jewelry and other wire made products. If you are a serious wire artist then this book will hold your interest. If you are just buying it for wire projects then I would not recommend you buy it. Although the projects are laid out well and easy to follow they are not the best collection of projects I’ve seen. I was more impressed with the content of the beginning of the book the delves into the world of wire working and design. BUY THIS BOOK if you have a love for wire. You will not be disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    First rate book on designing with wire Above all, this book shares with us a detailed article (with pictures!) with one of the most influential wire jewelry artisans of the past decade – Lynne Merchant. IMHO, the recently popular thick, oxidized silver, tribal/ethnic, coiled/wrapped style starts with her.It’s interesting to see that at least three of the other artists profiled in the book have mentioned taking classes with Lynne. To see their work, and how they have taken the skills that they have learned from Lynne and utilzed them to develop a style of their own, is just fantastic.

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