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Your Questions About Glue Painting

Carol asks…

If you cover mold with PVA glue before painting over it will it stop the mold coming through?

We suffer a mold problem and are in the middle of trying to sort it, but want to decorate soon. There is mold on the ceilings and a friend of mine told me that if you paint PVA glue over the mold first then pant over that with new paint then mold won’t come through again.
True or false?

admin answers:

No- spray the mold with bleach(make sure to be careful where you spray it). Let dry completely. Then you need to paint a primer over it that will cover mold stains – something like Kilz will work. Then paint the ceilings- Ask at your local paint store because their is a packet of stuff you can buy to add to your paint to make it mold resistant.

Sandy asks…

Is wood-glue good for glueing painting linen on wood?

I am a painter and I like to glue linen on wood to paint on. Is it a good method to glue linen on wood? I want my paintings to be preserved properly in the long run, can the glue damage the painted surface for some reason? What do you think of this method? I like to paint small paintings and I like the hard surface the wood provides this way.

admin answers:

Wood glue is for sealing up gaps in wood. I wouldn’t use it on linen on wood. I would use some sort of spray on adhesive for your painting

Nancy asks…

Does anyone know of a liquid that goes with painting that is like glue?

I was wondering if anyone has heard of a liquid that is clear that is used for painting, that turns to a glue, and I mean a strong glue that can bond cardboard to cement. I have heard that it is water soluble. any ideas?

admin answers:

There is a product but what it bonds is chipping and alligatoring paint I don’t think it will work for your purpose hear is the name of it peel stop it is made by zinnzer I would email zinnzer and find out if you use it

Michael asks…

PVA glue alternative suitable for painting over with emulsion/latex paint?

I want to mix screwed up newspaper and glue to make shapes on an interior wall, and to then paint over it with emulsion paint.

I have read elsewhere that PVA glue and emulsion paint are a no go unless you want crackles.

Can someone please suggest an alternative glue product.

Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

PVA is a no go used as a sealer or primer or stabliser on walls prior to painting. Apart from the fact it is not necessary, it can form a skin that doesn’t bond with the walll but peels off, like sunburned skin. I have known people mess their walls right up by doing this. Plasterers use PVA under skim coats sometimes, but they don’t, in my experience, allow the PVA to dry before the skimming.

PVA is not a sealer for paint. And you want the paint to soak into the surface as this is how it gets a grip on it.

Once PVA is dried is does not rewet itself. It is not meant or designed for long term use on it’s own on walls. It is an additive., I add it to wallpaper paste to strenghthen it up.

It sounds like you are making paper mache? If the glue you are using is wallpaper paste then as an additive it is fine and you can just paint the paper afterwards.

Daniel asks…

What is the name of the product that can get the ‘glue separator’ out of materials when hand painting fabric?

I have made some hand painted silk scarves and I used that glue separator to keep the paint from bleeding.

What can I use to get it out safely without having to take it to the dry cleaners, and be able to just hand wash it at home, or wash in a gentle cycle….?

admin answers:

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