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Your Questions About Glue Painting Canvas

Lisa asks…

What’s the best texture for canvas glue sizing?

I’m prepping a canvas for oil painting, rabbit-skin glue is considered the best option for sealing the fibers. The product is granular and needs to be mixed with water. What is the optimum texture I should go for after the mix is complete?

admin answers:

It should be free of texture…you heat it to melt the granules of glue. Further, the use of rabbit skin glue is only 1/2 of the “priming” of the canvas. After that is the application of oil gesso, the traditional mixture of marble dust, flake lead and linseed oil. It is faster, easier, safer and provides an entirely stable substrate ground to use acrylic gesso alone. No glue necessary, no lead, no days and days of drying time. Two or three coats of acrylic gesso with a light sanding between each and your painting will last longer than society will! LOL

Laura asks…

im doing this painting on canvas and im trying to glue certain marterials to it, what kind of glue can i use?

the materials i am gluing are non paper
and regular glue or hot glue doesnt work

admin answers:

Pre-primed canvas is tougher to stick things to. If you know how to stretch your own canvas, unprimed canvas is easier to adhere things to. Try “Liquid nails”, it works great, but you will have to let it dry before you hang it up. There are different kinds of liquid nails glue, what kind you use will depend on the materials you will be using.

For bulky/heavy stuff, “Great Stuff” spray works great too.

James asks…

How do I make a poster look like a canvas painting?

I have an awesome design on a poster board that i want to make look like a canvas painting. I have seen some canvas that has a glossy texture that seals the painting. Am I able to do this?

Should i glue the poster to the canvas and apply the layer of gloss?

What is this gloss they use anyway?

admin answers:

Use a gel medium. Take some loose frabic, (burlap or cheese cloth) and use it for texture by puting it into the wet paint and removing it. Then use gel medium to make the varnish style brush marks in the end.

Daniel asks…

Is it possible glue to seep out from a canvas oil painting while pasting on board?

admin answers:

Was canvas gessoed?
How thick is the oil paint-surface completely covered?
Won’t seep see above

Betty asks…

what kind of glue do i use to glue things onto a canvas?

what kind of glue do i use to glue things onto a canvas? can I glue things on it if it already has paint on the canvas? do i use differen’t types of glue for the different paint like acrylic, oil, and water paints???

admin answers:

I agree with above post.

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