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Your Questions About Using Art To Relieve Stress

Jenny asks…

I need help with my life.?

I dont understand anything anymore. First I try to be a good person. I was raised Christian so I tried really hard not to sin a lot. Im a kinda good person, ive never did drugs, or drank and I dont plan too it stupid. Ive fell in love a couple times on a serious basis. This time is completely different. I really love this girl we were best friends, then she played me, we broke contact for a while, then she told me she was sorry recently and now were friends again. I really want to be with her. I dont think we will though because she obsessed with her ex that a cheater and a weirdo. Then my parents, no matter how hard I try say I do the dishes for my mom to be nice, and responsible its always I did something wrong or I should have did something else too. There never happy with me, and there always picking me apart and making me feel terrible about myself. Im losing it because I love this girl so bad, my parents treat me like ****, and I really dont understand life anymore. I dont really even feel there there is a GOD, because my life has felt so surreal, and I dont even feel like a human being anymore. I dont know what to do. I cant turn to anyone to talk about anything. All my family does is fight to try to out do each other and what not. I thought about committing suicide a couple times hoping it would stop everyones anger, but they wouldnt care. Im 17, and id say Im a decent looking guy, Ive only had two girlfriends both who’ve used me. Ive never had a kiss, or even a real hug. I really dont know where to go with my life. Ive also had struggle with masturbation, I want to stop because ive always felt guilty. I watch porn, and it relieves a lot of my stress, sadness, and loneliness, because those are the times I do it. I have lots of respect for woman, and im a very gentle person, but I started doing it when I was about 12 on accident, and Its always helped me relieve stress, but like I said when I do it I feel like Im a bad person, and Im being disrespectful to woman. I really dont want to continue life because nothing makes sense anymore. I try my darned hardest to be the best person I can be, but all I have is pain. The girl im in love with is probably just using me as back up attention again, and my parents always treat me like im not doing anything right. Ive never once in my life got a compliment from them that made me feel genuinely happy about myself..I really want to be either a Music or Art Teacher when I get older, because im really into guitar, Ive been in a couple bands, and I really want to get out there and be somebody like say Steve Vai, or Joe Satriani, If I can im planing to go to Berklee Musicians Institute, to further my guitar, but My parents always tell me, all that stuff is just fantasy to us you need to look into getting real jobs, but I want to do what I like, and hopefully someday if I strive I will become a famous guitarist, but My parents always shoot down my dreams, ive been playing guitar for 3 years, and im very dedicated to it…….Its just wow, nothing ever goes right, and I cant fathom a thing, well and advice would be a really big help…. Thank You all
Just to add I dont go to church anymore I quit after being annoyed with how hypocritical everyone was.
I am a Christian, and Killing Yourself DOESNT send you to hell. Ive actually researched it. I dont know where people get that from.

admin answers:

I definitely know how you feel. I’m your age and I’m a Christian who has felt very…….distant lately. I’m very lonely bc I lost all my friends due 2 a controlling bf, who became my best friend, and then left me. N my only true Christian friend is gone all summer. N Ik what it’s like to not feeel appreciated. My best advice 4 u is to know you’re not alone. Reading ur post made me feel better and made me realize I’m not alone. So thanks!

I’ve been praying ALOT lately just tryin to make sense of everything. There was a time when I could handle anything cuz I felt that strong in God but I cry every day bc I know I’m not there anymore.

Pray, pray, pray. Even tho it may seem like ur just going through the actions in ur life rather than feeling and being happy, just hang in there!!! That’s what I’m doing. I know that 1 day things will be better. I just know. And it is nor fun for now but I know.

Use your music to express urself. Writelyrics about ur life. Being emotional is when the best lyrics come out. You’ve still got a passion in ur life…….music! Hold on to that dearly and take ur pain and use it for the best by mixing it with ur music.

I will pray 4 u. Just hang in there cuz u never know what life brings next. U never know. And just trust that God is putting u through this 4 a reason. U know, He wouldn’t put u through this if u could not handle it. He works in mysterious ways that I definitely don’t understand but I know one day it will all make sense.

And this girl? Maybe she’s not even the one 4 u. We are sooooooooo young and have soooooo much time to find people. That’s 1 thing I’ve learned. Is that your soulmate isn’t sways rite infront ur eyes. God will send her 2 u in His time.

Nothing makes sense but I can’t let go of the fact that God is in control. Im greatful I still realize that through everything. I hope u do 2!

I will be praying.4 u! Oh and u have great morals…….be thankful ur strong and smart enough to not turn to drugs and alcohol, and that u know that certain things ur doing is wrong. That’s GREAT bc so many people our age get stressed and suddenly lose sight of what’s right what’s wrong. So you’re awesome! I think that’s the Holy Spirit in u ……. Even if it feels lime It’s not there…….remember God works in mysterious ways.

Have a goodnight brother :-)

Carol asks…

If you were a new artist and wanted to sell paintings, where would you sell?

I have no money, I’m the “starving artist” who has lots of art and no gallery. No gallery will even make an appointment with me to see how good my stuff is, sadly. People have suggest craft fairs, but I’m not sure I want to pay for a booth and sit there on a hot summer day and watching people walk by and say “very nice” and keep moving on.
If you have bought a painting on the spur of the moment, where were you when it caught your eye?
Would you ever look for a painting on the Internet? EBay?
I would love to hear what people have to say for ideas.
I used to go to college for art, but dropped out as I had to get a job and had a family. I started painting again to relieve stress and have thought I might be able to sell something to help finance my kids‘ college education.
It’s so hard to break in, there must be a way?
So what would you do?
Just to clarify, I have a “job” but this is for those little extras. I’m not actually “starving” that is just a saying about artists which means I’m not making money like a Norman Rockwell or Picasso type. Just trying to find my niche.
Nina you are awesome…. am going to have to copy, cut and paste what you wrote! : )

admin answers:

My web

my whole life i have been then artist in the family.

First make sure you have a style all your own, then look on the internet and see what sells the best ( surrealism is a big seller; custom paintings in wealthy areas) make buisness cards get to know people hand out a buissness card. Remember, it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

Go to coffee shops, post offices, anything and see if they can hold your art. You my be the first to hold your art there. Then tell friends family nighbores aquantences EVERYONE! Were your art is. Do quick sketches make cheap prints at kinkos and sell it for 10-20 dollars even FREE. JUST GET YOUR ART OUT THERE!

Once you are on the internet you can get known faster. Which is the first thing you need to be a succsecful art seller. Have free web sites like join plaxo, or, ect. As small websites to get your name on the internet or booths usally have webs with art. Then get your own web my name with my art is on google. First page. Image google or web. Once again tell people about it! Brag all day long. Get the sales person attitude. In texas, longhorns or horses dont only sell but also got me in magazines, in france paint the eiffel touar and sell in a tourist area.

Get to know people in hotels or libraries or gallerys if you are in the gallery or not. They will hav booths for you to go to and gallerys to recommend. You will be surpised how much more art you’ll sell with one conversation face-to-face with a local artist.

Eventually you can put together a portfolio and a list of places you put your are or websites. Some places list gallerys you have to get into to get an agent. Get to know people got to meetings make appointments and keep trying to get an agent.

After a while get your art in big city galleries NY, tokyo,paris. Before you know it you will be owning gallerys.

If all fails, you love art, you have a lifetime to pursue your dreams, and pictures make great gifts to give to family or friends!

My web

Sandy asks…

are my lyrics for this song good? gonna record this song soon but i have the beat provided (sorry bad quality)?

link to beat:

how can you do it?/ how can you begin to apologize/ words masked by the guilt like im wearin a disguise./ give me a minute, just look me in the eyes/ realize the man ive become and see through all the lies/ i love you and i mean from the bottom of my heart/ cuz its impossible to stop when you made it so easy for me to start/ but like a band aid i gotta rip it off, quick and painless/ till the sadness subsides ill be feelin kinda aimless/ but ill bounce back quick cuz i gotta keep my ego shameless/ ask myself./ what have i become?/ cant feel the hurt so my bodys feelin numb/ but i turn my luck around/ cuz the world still goes around/ starting brand new like i was lost but now im found/ steal breathing looking up/ as sure as tomorrow the sun will come up
verse 2
grandma always said be true to who i am/ these struggles in my life make me a stronger man/ so im here to be the savior that brings you all the master plan/ then ill make her so proud!/ smile from ear to ear as im performing for the crowd/ 7 billion people screaming out my name/ when about a year ago they laughed and called me lame/ and while some people use drugs and alcohol to relieve the stress/ i just take a minute to thank god im alive, and cherish every breathe. no longer living with animosity/ just a sense of curiosity/ wondering if i could be living more awesomely/ now that im free and nobody is the boss of me/
verse 3
momma this verse is for u/ im ur only son and ill stay forever true/ workin 5 jobs just to put me through private school/ working day and night so the real me u never knew/ spent the whole day with ms. sue so i admit i hated u/ i just wanted u to myself to eat with and tell my day to/ started to act selfish distancing myself/ so far away from you, you took my picture off your shelf/ but 10 years later i wanna say im as sorry as i am sam/ made in your image and i only wish u kne how greatful for that i am/ you molded me to who i am today/ thats a grounded and humble man/ so everything ive said that hurt your whole and stuck your heart/ i wanna take it back and make a fresher start/ cuz even though your love was passive/ your love was a work of art/ so im gonna risk my tough image and try to open up to u/ because uve gone through so much hardships the president should look up to u.

admin answers:

The beat is awful. I cant tell if its cuz of the static, but ur lyrics are pretty good. What’s the name of the song?

Mark asks…

HELP! can you edit this essay….?

and maybe add some suggestions too, like a better closing sentence?

here it is…

Chinese medicines

Throughout time, the people of China have used many kinds of remedies and performed different practices to ease tensions in the body and lessen stress, but most of all relieve pain which may range from headaches to body aches. Three popular ancient Chinese medical treatments are acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tunia. Chinese people have practiced these types of remedies for hundreds of years through many different dynasties.
Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that rooted back eight thousand years from the Taoist tradition. There are ‘nine needles’ used in the practice of acupuncture, each having its own purpose. Initially, the needles were made from bronze, gold, and silver; however, the majority of them are now made from stainless steel. The needles are placed in the acupuncture points which run in different channels each system in the body. Acupuncture points are described as a spot on the body that influences the vital flow of energy through the body.(citation numbers 1 and 4)
Herbal medicines have been used in China for cure or many diseases and conditions. Herbs were used for three uses: treat diseases, heal illnesses, and maintain daily life. There are over 300 kinds of herbs that are used commonly. Herbs are known to be safer and more gentle than chemical medicine. Herbs do not have side effects. Herbs used to be taken by tea. Due to the unpleasant smells and taste, people are now more commonly using tablets. More people are now choosing taking medical with herbs than with the chemicals because they are more natural.(citation number 2)
Tunia also known as anmo is another type of medical treatment. “Tunia” means “pushing (and) grasping” in modern Chinese. The term “anmo” was used instead of tunia until the Ming dynasty. During a exaction of the Ma Wang Dui tomb (dated 168 BC),
medical texts and silk scrolls and bamboo strips were found. There were many of the early anmo techniques on them. The Huangdi Nei Jing is the earliest surviving text of early Chinese medicine. There is information treatment for various disorders and relationships between anmo and acupuncture. (citation number 3)Tunia has developed over many dynasties. The Tang often prescribed it for disease prevention. The Song dynasty began to use it for bone fractures and dislocations. The Ming dynasty began pediatric massages. The Qing dynasty is when prominence of folk-art arose and tunia was used for it. Ranges of conditions treated by anmo has expanded to include most branches of medicine in our modern world.(citation number 3)
As time changed and evolved into the modern medicinal world, professional people have become experts by using these Chinese treatments. People are looking for natural ways to cure ailments so they have turned to these methods of treatments and practices because they are less toxic on the body. Many people all over the world have adopted these treatments and believe they cure illnesses.
why are you answering ?’s in the homework help section if your not going to help,maddie?

admin answers:

Srry no. Thats called CHEATING. And getting ppl 2 do YOUR WORK FOR YOU.

Helen asks…

Question about “cutting” o.o?

I am most definitely not depressed xD!!! I have a wonderful life ^^. I have a few good friends, and I’m good with arts and crafts, school, and sports combined. I succeed at nearly everything I put myself into, including relationships. My parents are a bit frustrating and demanding, but I respect that they want me to be the best I can be.

Why, then, do I continue to occasionally make a cut on my arm/wrist? Nothing drastic, I just see a knife in my room, pick it up, and make a lil cut o.o. Not torelieve stress” or “get attention”… xD Lord knows I don’t need any more attention D: hahaha. But I was wondering if there were some other reasons as to why someone may cut? I’m a well balanced girl, so I don’t see any reason why I would! (I used to be a real cutter over a year ago, but I do it somewhat sparingly now… maybe once every few weeks :P )

It’s bothering me =/. Thanks ahead of time for your input :D
Subconsciously depressed?! Hahahaha, maybe that is why I have rather interesting dreams? I usually dream of death o.o. Or people dying, getting hurt… I even dream of people I’ve never met. It’s weird :P . The mind is a strange, strange thing o.o

admin answers:

Hmmm this is a really interesting question. You might be depressed subconsciously. Or maybe you are just destructive. Try thinking about everything and try to figure out if anything is wrong. Then go to a psychologist to talk about it. Cutting is really bad because it could lead to death. And it could leave nasty scars..

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