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Screen Printing at Home with Yudu!

Allow the world to discover where you’ve been and who you truly are, through the clever and original messages printed right on your t-shirt. Give everyone a sample of attitude in the classiest way possible – with screen printing!  Most silk screenings are traditionally created and produced by knowledgeable studio artists because of the cost and vast amount of work – not to mention the mop up. But now absolutely everyone can produce beautiful clothing with messages and home interior decorator items employing the complete Yudu Screen Printing device. With this amazing little gadget, you’ll quickly learn to create gorgeous fine art prints for every area of your home, fashionable wall hangings and greeting cards for all occasions.

The authentic individuality of YOU comes blazing through with Yudu. This breakthrough and adaptable screen printing method allows you to express your own eccentric self at all times. You’ll quickly generate and print distinctive design variations for home décor, art prints, posters, cards for all occasions, schoolwork and virtually anything you and your family members can dream up – utilizing wood, paper or permeable materials. Plus, clean-up is cinch, using nothing but water!

Simple and fun to use, this personal screen-printing system will inspire you to develop beautifully decorated bags, personalized designs, sweatshirts, t-shirts and other clothing, and much more. You can decide on the art you wish to print from a myriad of sources – drawn freehand on a transparency with a Sharpie for any symbol or text you can dream up, purchased ready-made designs, hand-cut paper, fancy cuts made by the Cricut machine, or even designs copied from the Internet, using your computer and printer to transfer them to transparencies.

The Yudu Screen Printing System arrives with  the screen printing unit (11-1/2″ by 32″ by 22″), user manual, two emulsion sheets, 3 more blank ink-jet transparencies, squeegee, adhesive sheet for platen, mesh filter, instructional video, four 15-watt bulbs, emulsion remover (2-ounce container), black Yudu ink (2 oz.) and an adult-sized t-shirt platen.

Even newbie crafters can quickly put the Yudu Screen Printing System to work, creating tasteful clothing and stunning household trappings on cotton blend, canvas,  vinyl, wood — as well as just about any other type of medium. All-Occasion cards, fashionable posters and striking art prints of every size are easy to make with this multifunctional piece of equipment – with little to no mess. Even little kids are able to use it to create their own attractive art projects. The Yudu Screen Printing System and all the accouterments are collected in a tidy package that takes up very little room. This advanced, adaptable screen printer unit allows anybody to style and develop screen-printed art unique to their own unique personality.

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