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Textured, Somerset® Velvet for Epson and Watercolor Paper Radiant White are Most Used Fine Art Paper

Some thing are most precious in this world which can’t be purchase or sell but it can be appreciate or learn without giving any money like art. No one can purchase or sell to art. Art is produced from inner soul of someone which can’t be create or produce because it create ownself in someone heart.

Doing any activity or something extra from others which any other can’t done that is called art. There is one art that is printing of photos art that is called fine art. Fine art means creates best quality photos which on photo papers. Many artists spend millions dollars for these types of art. Every printmakers use material with high black density or widest color gamut and good quality ink for creating most visual appealing print.

Mostly print quality are depends upon paper which type of paper used, which brand of paper, what type of surface of paper, what type of ink used on paper. For getting better print of photos many types of photo paper comes in market which gives different types of output. Every photo paper has different specification and features and many other factors which are different from each other.

Textured fine art paper is a textured matte finish paper. Every artist and photographer wants archival prints for their digital fine art and photography. This is a acid , lignin free and 100% cotton rag media with epson brand. This paper give you the highest resolution and color saturation.

This media has different weight for different page format. 425Gm is basis weight for museum quality prints for sheets and 225gm is basis weight for maximum versatility for rolls. This paper gives 1440 dpi speed for high resolution with better color and deep black prints.

The paper is made exclusively for Epson by Crane & Co., makers of fine specialty papers since 1801.  Somerset® velvet for epson is another fine art paper of epson brand. This media has radiant white surface for vivid color reproduction. This media also provide different weights for  different page formats and different thickness for different page format. 505gm is basis weight for museum quality appearance for sheets and 255gm is basis weight on rolls for versatility.

Somerset® velvet for epson also provides velvet surface for rich details and accurate reproduction. This media delivers long lasting prints when printed with EPSON archival ink or ultra chrome ink. Epson’s printer driver software actually optimizes the amount of ink released onto the page, based on the type of paper used.

Watercolor paper radiant white is coated matte surface with thick, heavyweight and affordable price. This media dries instantly for easy handling with Epson inks. It provides rich black images for prints with exceptional contrast.

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