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The Art of Making Paper Craft

Kids as well as adults can make a paper craft easily. These are art projects made from various types of craft paper. Some of these types include scrapbooking paper, tissue paper, cardstock, and repurposed paper. You can choose a craft paper that suits best for your art work. That definitely depends on what project you are making.

You can use paper for a variety of purposes. For instance, you can make crafts in the form of hand print birds, tissue paper flowers, and beautiful cards. The following are ways that can help you make crafts by using paper:

Hand Print Birds

Kids find making hand print bird craft very simple and interesting. They just have to work on a construction paper. They trace their hands on it. Then they can use scissors to cut out the print. If they want to decorate the bird, they can do so by painting the bird’s feathers as well as other features.

While drawing a bird’s face, they can choose the option of painting its face on their thumb. If they want to decorate it more, they can add more features. To make hand print birds look a bit different, kids can also paint scenery on the background instead of cutting the birds out.

Tissue Paper Flowers

You can use hand-made tissue paper flowers for household decorations and gift decorations. Along with this, you can even wear a tissue paper flower with your fancy dress. It is easy to make a tissue paper flower. However, if you are making it with young children, you should put more emphasis on supervising them.

You will only need some green wires and tissue paper sheets. Keep all the sheets on top of one another. Combine the tissue paper sheets and fold these in the accordion style. Make sure that the width of each fold is 2.5 cm. Now, fold these further into a half. Place the green wire at the end of the tissue paper and staple it. This will create the look of a flower and a stem. Make the petals by fanning out the tissue paper.


Although there are a variety of cards available in the market, handmade cards hold a special charm because you make these with the card-receiver in mind.

Things you need for making this paper craft include: ink, rubber stamps, glue, papers, flowers, and stickers. You can start off from anywhere. Use all materials mentioned above. To make it look more beautiful, you can paste paper flowers on the card paper.

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