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How to Paint With Watercolor – Learn Watercolor Painting

Do you want to know how to paint with watercolor? Before I teach you some techniques, you should know that watercolor paints are unlike oil paints or acrylic paints. Watercolor paints are made from either natural pigments found in the earth, or from synthetic pigments, which have been finely ground down and then held together with a water-soluble based gum binder. Also, with watercolor paints, you have to work from light to dark.

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With that being said, you will realize that painting with watercolor should be done with a bit more pre-planning. You have to be careful, especially since watercolor paints are transparent and it is difficult to hide mistakes.

Now, one technique that you can do is the watercolour flat wash. A flat wash is one that is a solid color from the top to the bottom or the page, or area in which you need a flat color. In order to do the flat wash, you should mix a color of your choice in a small bowl. Dip a wide flat brush in the color mixture, and begin at the side of the paper, dragging the flat edge of the brush across the page from one edge to the other. Continue this routine until you have reached the bottom of the paper.

Another technique is splattering, which is often used in situations that need texture. You can choose to do this with a toothbrush dipped into paint or with a round brush dipped into a pool of color. For a heavier spatter, use a brush dipped in pigment. Tap it against a finger to release the pigment onto the paper. The more water in the brush, the larger the spatter.

Knowing how to paint with watercolor can be advantageous on your part. It is one skill that not all people possess and that some people will try so hard learning.

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