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Select Carefully Cold Press, Watercolor Paper and Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper

Art is doing something extra which will be most beautiful and appreciable. Fine art is also category of art which delivers prints of photos and images. It provides many photo paper with different surfaces for printing of photos. Fine art paper gives different feelings. It has light, watercolor texture and delicate feelings.

Your photo print will be on matte paper with a large inkjet printer but it creates stunning picture which deliver non yellowness up to long lasting. This paper also provide feature as well. There are some points or features which will meet in every fine art paper that are : light, temperature, acidity. Light is main cause of paper deterioration.

Ultraviolet shielding glass or conservation glass will help to protect your print from damage conditions. For not coming these conditions lamination can done. The ink can go fade in high exposure of light.

Environment should be cooperative for better quality print. So contact between excessive moisture and cellulose of paper can create required environment which is  necessary. Lack of one thing from these contact can create problem and effect on print. Any time if your comes in contact of acidic paper pulps, It will damage.

So you need to prevent it from acid means paper should be acid free. Use only 100% acid free archival quality papers. It provides heavyweight, good thickness for paper slightly textured paper which provides outstanding performance, stability, versatility, stability etc.

This media provides different types of finish surfaces and thickness according print which will be compatible with some best printers and special can work on that paper. Some paper provide enhanced base with elastic polymers providing high tensile strength and stretching flexibility without cracking for gallery wrap.

Ultra smooth fine art paper is fine art type of paper. Customer review of it good according customer uses. Many customer likes this media because of more good features but few customer doesn’t use because it has minimum negative points or disadvantages. It provide natural white ultra smooth surface for incredible detail and excellent vivid color reproduction. It offers variety of sizes and format but different feature for every format. It provide two formats that are roll and sheet.

Firstly, specifications of sheet are basis weight is 500gsm, thickness is 29 mil, ISO brightness is 90%, opacity is 98%, base material is 100% cotton rag etc. Secondly, specification of roll are basis weight is 250gsm, thickness is 15 mil etc. there some points which are same of both formats that are ISO brightness, opacity, and finish surface etc. cold press natural is photo paper deliver upper grade as compared to other fine art paper.

It provide museum grade that has been inspired by the craftsmanship of artist, photographers. Epson Cold Press Natural has a highly original look and feel with richer blacks and smoother tonal transitions. Specification of cold press natural are white color, 420*594mm paper size, sheet dimensions A2, basis weight 340, natural finish.

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