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A Simple Approach to Drawing a Fish

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A simple approach to drawing a fish involves getting its fundamental structure right. Two basic shapes can help you draw your perfect fish – An oblong or square shape for the body of the fish and two triangles, one for the head and the other for the tail.

In spite of the wide varieties of fish, the framework of this water animal remains the same. Choose the type of fish you would like to draw and enhance it further with your creative imagination to bring out unique & desired results.

Things You Will Need
1. Pencil
2. Paper/ Canvas
3. Colors (optional)
4. Paint Brush (Optional)

Easy & systematic instructions to draw a fish
1. Basic Outline – Once we decide the type of fish we want to draw, we can make the basic structure of the fish. It involves three basic shapes.
i. Draw a straight horizontal line. The length of the line will depend on the desired dimension of the fish you are drawing.
ii. Eyes & Tail – At each end of the horizontal line, make a triangle, ensuring the triangles look like the ‘play’ or ‘rewind buttons,’ both looking in the same direction. In this case, the left most will serve as the face of the fish and the right most as its tail.
iii. Body – The area between the two triangles is the body of the fish. Join both the ends making either an oblong shape or a square, depending on the variety of fish you are drawing.
iv. Erase the supporting and guiding lines and darken the basic structure of the fish.

2. Enhance Features – Put your creative ability in action while you enhance the eyes, fins, tail, & body of the fish. However, you can keep these directions in mind.
i. Eyes – Draw a circle inside the left triangle preferably in the centre. Now draw a smaller circle inside the outer circle and darken it.
ii. Mouth of the Fish – From the pointed edge of the triangle, draw a slightly curved line.
iii. Fins – Along the outer line of the body of the fish, spacing out roughly, draw two fins on each side.

3. Shading / Coloring – Shading or coloring brings out the actual beauty of any drawing or painting.
i. Eyes – Draw a few lines under the eyes of the fish and darken the mouth to give it a realistic look.
ii. Body – Draw small semi-circles on the fish body to make it look scaly.
iii. Fins – Curved or wavy lines can be drawn on the fin and one side of the fin can be shaded darker than the rest.
iv. Tail – Draw small, fine but dark & closely spaced lines towards its end.

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