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Drawing – 5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Learn

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw?

Would you like to be able to create fantastic cartoons or sketches like in the Simpsons, Family Guy or Futurama? Or a portrait of a friend?

It is not as difficult as you think…

Whether you’re looking to make a career as a freelance artist, or you’re in business… or you’re just interested in a fantastic hobby… learning to draw delivers huge rewards.

As a starting point, why not access 5 free lessons from one of the best drawing teachers on the planet by visiting

Here are 5 surprising reasons why you should learn to draw:

1. Your powers of observation can dramatically improve as you learn to see things the way they actually are.

2. You will learn to communicate with more clarity as you develop the skill of discernment – learning what to leave out! A vital life skill…

3. Your ability to problem-solve will increase as you learn to proportion objects correctly in relation to other objects.

4. Your confidence will skyrocket as you learn new ways to express yourself and finally beat down the ‘I can’t do that beast…’ (Don’t worry – it exists within all of us!)

5. You will learn to become more flexible as you develop new skills and overcome hurdles.

So what does it take to succeed?

Well of course you need to have some desire to draw. That’s because (like anything else) drawing is a skill that takes at least some passion to learn. If you can’t bring that to the table, look for another hobby.

You need to find a fantastic teacher who has the ability to draw and teach. These are not one in the same thing – many skilled technicians are hopeless when it comes to communicating their skills.

How do you know when a course will deliver?

3 Tips For Finding The Right Drawing Course

1. Trust your gut when it comes to the right teacher – look for experience in the craft itself and teaching ability. 2. Look for a course that is well structured and delivers lessons in a variety of ways including audio, video and text. 3. Many offline courses are both time consuming and expensive… trust me, I know many people who are still paying off their University debts. Look for a course that fast tracks the process (as much as possible) and delivers the required skills in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you are at all interested learning how to draw, the best thing to do is to take the first step while you have some momentum up…

As a starting point, why not access 5 free lessons from one of the best drawing teachers on the planet by visiting

About the Author:
Why are bio’s always written in the 3rd person? Time to break the mold… My name is Andrew Cox and I live in the beautiful coastal town of Mount Martha in Victoria, Australia. Seriously, you should visit here!
Since completing my post-graduate studies I have primarily worked as a coach and marketer. My first business, (not including selling ‘illegal’ chewing gum at boarding school) was in Personal Training – an awesome experience in sales, discipline and customer service.
Two years ago, I created The Hope Factory – a dream catching agency and resource centre for people looking to pursue their passion, build an online presence and create an awesome life outside the 9-5
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