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Popart Graphic Portrait Drawing

Popart refer to the artwork that use the technique of commercial art and popular illustration. Popart portrait drawing can be done either by purely traditional stuff like coloured pencil or more advanced equipment such as computer assisted drawing, alternating and manipulating line and mass offer a wide range of expression and the drawing maybe completely flat or graphic.

Portraiture graphic image work in popart style is done by firstly making up the sketch or outline of the face or figure in the referenced portrait or picture with lines or paths in accordance with the gradation and shape of the flesh, then fill the closed path drawing with the value and tone of colour pigment.

There are many ways or techniques in using the graphic software program to make graphic images, I found a relevant tutorial on popart graphic drawing in an article byTONI AGUSTIAN | POPBOXWPAP.BLOGSPOT.COM which explained a technique used to make graphic image called as “WPAP” or Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait style, for more information please visit his blog.


Advantage Of Graphic Image

The advantage of graphic image drawing compared to traditional drawing or painting is the use of pixel based or vector based art to create an illustration which is all math so the image is easily repeated, edited and manipulated. The normal pixel based art is like one would create with photoshop and vector based art that one would create with illustrator, I used vector drawings illustrator to make graphic images.

The great thing about vector art is that each piece you draw is considered an object. It is all math, so it never looses it’s information on how it was created. The key here is that you can always go back and re-edit, it is just very simple action and yet you can make a lot of trials and errors with nobody will scold you. Images done with vector based graphic illustrator could be enlarged without becoming blurred as compared to traditional drawing.

If you like my graphic drawing you may visit my blog at for more images and updates, thank you for visit and reading this article.






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My name Ismujono, I write article about art of drawing, BW portrait drawing and popart drawing.
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