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Tricolor Lead for Rainbow Pencils

Someone commented recently that she had found the pencils that write a rainbow but could not find a supply of leads for them. I know how frustrating that is!

Those tricolor leads (red-blue-green in a pie wedge arrangement) are made in Taiwan, but you cannot buy them directly from the factory. They are sold to manufacturers.

Texas Art Supply recently had packages of a Marvy Color Tricks pencil with a supply of the tricolor lead for only 78 cents here: I hope they still have some.

A few years ago I ordered a supply of just the lead refills from the pencil manufacturer, Marvy Uchida, and just the lead refill packages were a dollar each. So I think getting the leads and pencil for 78 cents is a super deal. I recommend stocking up while you can.

You can also try the Marvy Uchida website ( and see if they still have the lead. It may be cheaper there by now.

I just checked the site and could not find Color Tricks, but their search was not working right. I could have missed it. However, at the time I ordered the extra leads, the order-taker told me that the product was about to be discontinued.

I wish another company would start selling the tricolor lead. If you find anyone selling it, please leave a comment and let everyone know.

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