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Who’s Here Now?

Pocket Green Leather Journal Diary (Handmade) with leather tie string

With an exquisite heart design, the green cover of this handcrafted journal is beautifully etched with an intricate Celtic Knot pattern and made from only the thickest and strongest genuine leather. 100% wood free and handmade from recycled material, the book contains 60 leaves (120 pages front and back) that are divided into three sections [...]

Flower Etched Leather Journal Diary (Handmade) with leather strap closure

Bound handmade fiber paper with Genuine Leather covers was once the standard for recording historical events, and even religious followings. This diary is handmade one at a time just like the diaries were in the Medieval Renaissance period to accurately reflect the same quality and level of detail as ancient times. This book contains 110 [...]